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Belt WIN /FashionWeek

6 May

To finish up my week of awesome geek goodies, I will reveal to you all a belt that I am seriously thinking of buying.  Is it a great idea, or is it too dorky to actually wear?

Ah, BSOD. At work, you are my BFF.

Thanks to Geek Gone Chic for having such awesome wares!

Which is a more Epic win?

25 Apr

A couple weeks ago, the Escapist posted a story about a character who capped in World of Warcraft without killing.  I must admit, I’ve never played WoW, because I know that I’ll get addicted.  I am a Diablo freak (expect me to pre-order DIII if it ever comes out!).  I love video games where the point is to collect shinies; Pokemon, Banjo Kazooie, and Torchlight all fall under this category.  But I digress.  When I read this article, I thought that this way to ‘win’ was completely awesome, because all she did was gather and adventure! For that, she may be one of the coolest WoW characters out there.  How did she do it?World of WarcraftAccording to the Escapist, “Night Elf Druid Everbloom of the Feathermoon server pulled the feat off by only engaging in gathering professions and exploring, which both offer experience points of their own. She, who may or may not actually be a he, took on mining, herbalism, and archaeology, in addition to traveling to every possible nook and cranny of the game’s world. Everbloom wrote on the Blizzard forums that she’s been playing World of Warcraft since the day it was released back in 2004, and still discovered new landmarks in her quest.

“Everbloom hit level 85 after dying just 25 times, though she absorbed 3,000,000 damage along the way too. She says she chose a Night Elf Druid for its healing abilities, rooting abilities (which can freeze enemies in place), and flight transformation.”

Bulletstorm for XboxNow, compare that to Bulletstorm, the recently released bash-’em-up-game on Xbox.  The game, though it has a weak plot, appears to be mostly about trying to get every one of the 131 types of kills possible in the game.  This linked video from gamesradar shows them all, but beware: it’s pretty damn gory and full of win.  It reminds me of all the different fatalities in Mortal Kombat.  Now, who didn’t love trying to get every single combo finishing move in the game?

Which is better? Good or Evil? Black or White?  I must say, in games like Red Dead Redemption and Fable, I tend to go evil.  It’s a rush to be able to steal and make others suffer at your behest, knowing it’s just a game.  But still, it seems like so much more of a challenge to be pure and good.

So, I ask you all:

Which is more Epic Win? A pacifist lifestyle to the max, or the maximum amount of gore/evil/violence possible?

Cook Bacon, Win Prizes!

19 Apr

Okay.  Bacon is win. But winning with bacon?! Epic!

Raw Tasty Applewood Smoked Bacon

Even uncooked, you can't deny the allure of bacon.

Instructables.com is hosting its annual Bacon Challenge, where you compete to make the most epic food/art out of bacon.  While creating your masterpiece, document the steps, then submit the complete how-to collection for a chance to win a custom-etched iPad (suck, I just bought one!) or an All-clad skillet.

I think I have to enter. I’m thinking either Bacon Transformer or Bacon Nintendo 8-bit controller.

Any Suggestions? 

If you enter, please let me know!