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Cook Bacon, Win Prizes!

19 Apr

Okay.  Bacon is win. But winning with bacon?! Epic!

Raw Tasty Applewood Smoked Bacon

Even uncooked, you can't deny the allure of bacon.

Instructables.com is hosting its annual Bacon Challenge, where you compete to make the most epic food/art out of bacon.  While creating your masterpiece, document the steps, then submit the complete how-to collection for a chance to win a custom-etched iPad (suck, I just bought one!) or an All-clad skillet.

I think I have to enter. I’m thinking either Bacon Transformer or Bacon Nintendo 8-bit controller.

Any Suggestions? 

If you enter, please let me know!


The 2010’s: Return of the ’80’s cartoons?

6 Apr

I am a child of the 80’s.  I grew up on a myriad of cartoons, which now appear to be in the “reboot” stage.  Were they classics? Or is this, like so many movies nowadays, a desperate attempt to make things people like since there are apparently so few original new ideas?

Of course, the Nintendo Hype brought along with it Nintendo-themed shows, such as  Captain N the  Game Master (89-91) and the Super Mario Brothers Super Show! I watched these things religiously.  What was better than video games -and- cartoons? Captain N got to travel through the game wolrd and see everything, from Mega Man to Donkey Kong. And the Super Mario plumbers, though anchored in real life, did get to hop the pipes and enter the video world, too.  It was virtual reality way before VR troopers.  Along those lines, though not a cartoon, was the Wizard, a movie about a kid who got to see the world and kick ass in an inaugural tournament of Super Mario Brothers 3.  This movie was epic, in that it was a sneak preview of the actual game (not having been released yet), much like they do at modern day conventions.

So the age of Nintendo cashed in on their popularity, and I don’t know of any modern-day spin-offs for them. Conversely, it appears that a ton of my faves are rebooting, and I am so stoked to see them!
First, there are the cutsey ones like Strawberry Shortcake; Care Bears; Rainbow Brite, and the most popular re-mix: My Little Pony.

...Twilight Sparkle? Quick, cover your eyes...!

And then there’s The Smurfs.  Yes, the Smurfs are coming to a theatre near you.  Not looking forward to this one… unless Azrael gets some blue chow.
Then come the more exciting ones!

1. The Transformers TV Series.  We all know the new Michael Bay movies are making a shit-ton of money.  Yes, the movies have no plot.  But it’s not about plot! It’s about TRANSFORMERS! ❤

2. Voltron..  Hells yes, more giant robots! Slated for Spring 2011, I am hoping that Voltron Force has a more badass princess than last time.

Why does she always die? Weaksauce.

3. G.I. Joe: A real American Hero.  There have been a few movies, with the most recent being in 2009.  G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra was poorly rated and barely made as much as its budget cost (IMDB).  It bid bring the Hasbro action figures back onto the stage, though!

Hells yeah. Thundercats, Ho!

This brings me to my first review.  At Wondercon, the trailer for the new Cartoon Network show was released.  To me, this trailer looks epic.  Of course, I wanted to be Cheetara when I grew up (thanks, Cracked.com for that great visual!).

The opening sequence of the trailer shows what appears to be Third Earth, complete with the Cats Lair.  “These were days of peace and prosperity on Third Earth,” the Narrator says.  So you think that it’s Third Earth, right?  Well, I’m not sure.  The 80’s plot has the original Thundercats on Thundera, and then everyone had to evacuate as the Plun-Darr lizards took it over.  This appears to be shown in the trailer, but wouldn’t the narrator say that it was the days of prosperity on Thundera, if this were the setting of the trailer? Or is the gnarled king we see later in the trailer Lion-o, and the youth in this, his son, who will take up his Mantle and fight alongside Lion-o’s old friends’ children?  In that case, it would be either Third Earth or New Thundera… and I’d assume it would be New Thundera since they left Third Earth at the end of the original  series.

To further argue the setting, the 80’s cartoon Cats Lair on Third Earth is carved into a mountain.  The Cats Lair that is prominent in the trailer, though, is surrounded by other houses. This leads me to think that this is indeed Thundera or New Thundera, and the voice-over writer fucked up.

The 'old' Cats Lair is carved into a mountain. The one in the preview is prominently jutting out above a city. Hm.

Then again, if it’s really Third Earth they’re talking about, that army of cats is gonna be pretty inbred.  Even with the addition of Pumyra, Lynx-o and Bengali, so few Thundercats living on Third Earth woudn’t be much for their Gene Pool.

In addition, we see characters that look like Tygra, Wiley Kit and Kat, Cheetara, and Snarf. Because of their appearance,  I am pretty sure this is some messed up alternate reality story.  And we Jaga in this preview, too.  He looks pretty alive, which could only be on Thundera or in space, according to the original series.  All these things point to it being the right characters on the wrong planet.

On a personal note, I do have an issue with the mechs and bombs in the trailer.  I know that the technology of these races includes spaceships, and I do love mechs, but there’s something about seeing giant robots fighting Thundercats that unnerves me.

All in all, I’m stoked. I hope this turns out to be an awesome series, no mater how many disconnects from the cartoon or comic books it has.

What’s next in the ’80’s Revival Cycle? He-Man and She-Ra, the Masters of the Universe?

What’s your favourite revival of the 80’s cartoon era?  What have I forgotten?

I plan to go into depth on some of these in the future, but it’ll take a while.  One series at a time!