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8-Bit Crusaders

12 Jun

No, not the crazy religious group – it’s the Cutie Mark Crusaders! Blog crossover! Gasp!

(Art by DTCX97 on DeviantArt!)

But they’re so cute doing the Mario (yes, that link has sound)! ❤

Swimming with the 8-bit fishes

30 May

Some days I swear my blog should be changed to “Geek events in DC and all things Super Mario Bros”.  Take, for example, my need to show you all this epic Mario Fish Tank.

I happen to love fish.  Add Mario to an aquarium, and this is pretty win.  I’d want a ton of algae eaters in this tank so they could chill on the ? blocks.  And the bubbles from the warp tube is also super epic.  Only thing I’d change is to make the background higher than world 1-1.  This thing is totally higher up than just the first stage!

[via Geekologie]

8-bit Portal

25 Apr
Mario and Portal. Awesome game, awesome puzzles. Kind of messed up, kind of creepy. Together… is it epic? 

I saw this post on Geekologie announcing the Mario Portal mashup game, and I’m tempted to try it out.  The final game has all kinds of extras thrown in including 4-player co-op, level editing, and hat options. 

Too bad I want to finish Skyrim first. And then Diablo III will be out… so many games! So little time 😦  Then again, I don’t have any friends, so 4 player would be pretty hard to do…

Mari0 Official Site (download at the bottom)

Have you played this game? What do you think about it?

Oh, the Holidays…

20 Dec

…have eaten my free time.

…well, that and Skyrim.

Until 2012, please be content with Patio Mario.  He is epic win and I will have one someday.

1-up for Effort!

…leave of absence

30 Nov

If you noticed, I’m a bit out of pocket.  There won’t be an update this week either, but expect an update next week!  Until then, enjoy Russian Mario by Negroud on Deviant Art!

Mario Cat, the Game

17 Oct

Ok, so this blog is looking more and more like a Mario blog.  There’s just so much awesome about this game that I’m finding.  But fear not! I’ll be finishing my IPL StarCraft 2 Tournament entry soon.  Meanwhile…

….amusing gamer/commentator tries playing through a Japanese game nicknamed ‘Mario Cat’.  This game has been out for years, but I hadn’t found it until today.   The entire game runthrough I was LOLing.  It’s epic. Please watch below (WARNING: lots of swearing ensues!).

I don’t know Japanese (though I want to learn!) so perhaps there were warnings on screen that he missed?

This reminds me of a guy commentating his battle through a hilarious mod to Mario World, where the level didn’t end after the flag… instead it was water and you’d drown if you didn’t land the right way or something…. which involved jumping off Yoshi… but I lost the video.  Does anyone know where it went?

Mario Madness

14 Oct

Daily What Geek today had two epic mario articles.  One is just win, and the other one makes me incredibly jealous of a graphic designer.

I heart Bowser.

I heart Bowser.

Although Space Invaders and Tetris blocks made of post-its have been around for decades, there has been a recent jump in window post-it murals.  Below is the most recent sighting in Seattle, which recreates THE ENTIRE WORLD 1-1.  Mario FTW ❤

Holy eff do want in my window <33

Secondly, Geek weding proposals (YouTube Link) are a weakness of mine, but this couple shelled out for anatomically-correct Nintendo cartridge wedding invites.  The invites feature Mario in a tux, standing with his princess outside the correct castle.

So cute. And just like the bonus mushroom house level!

Even the cards to indicate whether guests want beef or veggies are 8-bit (although there’s no option to add mushrooms).  More pix are at the TDWGeek site!
Squee! I’m such a Nintendork ❤