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Cactuar sighting!

10 Jan
It’s Tusday.  Have a toothpick cactus.

Give him eyes and call him Cactuar.


Being Social: the Weekend of 1.6.11

6 Jan
Well, apparently there isn’t much going on this weekend: even my most reliable sites don’t have as many listings as normal.  Thus, I offer you this meager list of things to do.  If you’re bored, there’s playoff NFL Football games on Saturday AND Sunday, whee!


All weekend:
Magfest, DC’s kitchy, small hotel-based Gamer convention, is back for its 10th year, but this time it will be at the National Harbour’s Gaylord National Convention Center.  It has a ton of video, board, and LARP games to choose from, as well as some completely geeky bands that will Perform. Also appearing will be guests such as Special guests at this year’s event include Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu; the voice of Portal’s GLaDOS, Ellen McLain; the voice of Duke Nukem, Jon St. John; and many more.  Admission is $40 for one day.

Saturday 1pm

Take a look at the Rock Creek National Park planetarium!  Tickets are free but get there at least 30 minutes prior to snag one! ( WUSA9)
Saturday 3 & 8pm
Sunday 2 & 7pm
‘Spoiler Alert: Everybody Dies’, a comedic anti-holiday act, will be having its last weekend.  This comedy  will be at Wolly Mamoth theatre.  Tickets are $35 and up. (WaPo)
Elvis Fight

Fisticuffs or Handcuffs?

Saturday 8 & 11pm
Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club, a 21-and-over performance will featured costumed brawls and burlesque at The Warehouse Theatre (1021 7th Street NW). Tickets are $16 in advance and $20 day of. (DCist)


Geek Look Ahead:
DC Restaurant Week January 9-15: Cheap, tasty meals at DC’s finest!
Elephant Room at Arena Stage January 20-February 26: Follow three semi-pro magicians through this comedic play.
Katsucon February 17-19: Massive anime festival, now at the National Harbor!
DC’s 100th Anniversary Cherry Blossom Festival! March 20-April 27: Enjoy traditional and modern Japan/American celebrations of spring.
Video Games Live at Strathmore April 7: A live Orchestra performs geek music FTW!
Otakon July 27-29: Become by friend now and we can split a room in this Baltimore-based anima extravaganza!

Nintendo – My First Geek Love

5 Apr


The Original Nintendo Entertainment System

I’m a Nintendo Girl through and through.   I began playing the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System at my birth-buddy’s place.  He and I were born at the same time, but his family was more affluent than mine.  Thus, they got a NES, and I went to his house all the time to play.  We got Super Mario Brothers to begin.  Over time, more of my friends got Nintendos.  I played Castlevania, Donkey Kong, Mario 2 and 3, Track & Field, Double Dragon, Mike Tyson’s Punch-out, all three Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games and Final Fantasy (to name a few!).

Then, one Easter it happened.  The Easter Bunny left my sisters and I a Nintendo!  We were enthralled.  We owned games such as The Legend of Zelda, Dr. Mario, Star Tropics, Tetris, Duck Tales, and yes, a McDonald’s game called McKids.

What the hell kind of brainwashing was this?

We couldn’t get enough.  We borrowed games from friends.  We rented games from the video store.  My babysitter brought us games like Paper Boy, Bubble Bobble, Skate or Die! and Jaws.  It was a never ending gaming party.  I loved it.

Of course, I played outside too.  I was a healthy kid.  But I was a kid born at just the right time to live through the evolution of console gaming.

Alas, Atari. I never knew you.

Although I didn’t have an Atari, my dad did.  I have no recollection of playing, but I think it’s still mouldering in his basement somewhere.  I hope someday to find it.  But I did play through a ton of systems.  Of course, as I said, I’m a Nintendo girl, so I owned the Nintendo iterations and played on my friends’ Sega and Sony systems.  The only time I folded and bought a Sega of my own, it was the Sega Game Gear.  Not a smart move.  I totally should have gone for the GameBoy.

In the future, I may go into more detail on the myriad of systems I have played, but I felt it best to start with my 8-bit baby.

Did you play NES back in the day? What was your favourite game?