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Being Social: the Weekend of 09.30.11

30 Sep

October is upon us! Be sure to wear layers if you go out this weekend: it’s meant to be chilly!  Warm up at any Oktoberfest celebration you choose (more here), and/or attend some of the below events:


In a continuing tradition, Truckeroo will again be held at the Navy Yard.  Expect a ton of good food, live music and beer.  Free admission!

Urban Evolutiion is hosting another Sasuke (Ninja Warrior) themed nights.  $25 will let you join in the parkour event madness.
At Kings Dominion, there will be an attempt to break the world record of ‘Largest Gathering of Vampires’.  It’s a bit early for Hallowe’en, but I won’t complain!  Costumes required, and have to follow strict wardrobe guidelines, but they also provide a discount admission of $19.99.
Get ready for Naughty School Girl Night at Town Tavern in Adams Morgan! This is their third year of hosting such a saucy event, and it shows so signs of  stopping! Plus there’s an open bar for $10 from 10-11pm if you dress up.  Too bad I already have plans!

Crafty Bastards is being held in Adams Morgan. This is a giant bazaar/festival of crafts and shinies. Bring cash. Lots of cash.  Also the DC ‘state’ fair will be held in conjunction with this event, as Hurricane Irene caused them to delay their festivities.
The Royal Thai Embassy in Georgetown is hosting a free Thai Village Experience.  There will be THAI MASSAGES AND FOOD, as well as music and cultural exhibits. (via The District)
The Taste of Bethesda will provide even more great deals on awesome food. Tickets are sold in bundles for $5 and are used in various quantities to try said food.
OMG MADDEN12 TOURNAMENT! The Town Tavern is full of awesome this weekend, isn’t it? First schoolgirls, now geek football games? FTW, I say! (via Metromix)
Takoma Park is having a street festival, but it will have to square off with the next entry:
The Turkish Festival returns to DC, proffering more food, music, vendors and cultural exhibits. 
Michael Moore will be at comes to Sixth and I Historic Synagogue (600 I Street NW) to discuss his book Here Comes Trouble: Stories from My Life.  Tickets
are $12 each, or buy the book for $27 and receive two free tickets.
(via DCist)

Being Social: the Weekend of 06.17.11

17 Jun

This weekend is father’s day so please make sure that you at least text your dad and say you love him (if he is still around). There are a lot of events listed at Metromix if you wanted to go out with dad, too.

Also this weekend the International Wine & Food Festival kicks off. Visit the Web site for a schedule of events. Otherwise, here’s what’s going down this weekend:

June 17


West End Cinema is screening Farmegeddon: The Unseen War on American Family Farms, along with hosting a reception on the patio with dishes such as local-duck terrine with crostini, rabbit-and-truffle rillettes, and smoked-salmon crostini with crème fraîche. After the movie premiere, which begins at 7, there’s a Q&A and panel discussion with filmmaker Kristin Canty and a number of panelists. Tickets are $33 per person. (via Washingtonian)


Skinny Girl Margarita Party at the Shadow Room! Unfortunately, the Skinny Girl Margarita is a drink. I give no guarantees that skinny girls will be at this party.


Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival at the National Harbor. This event will indeed have vendors for BBQ as well as samples of a myriad of Beers and Bourbon. Tickets cost $25.00-$85.00.

Drink Me!

June 18


Catoctin Creek Distilling in Purcellville is hosting a workshop on craft distilling. Students will also join in a distillation of rye whiskey and there’s a tasting at Magnolia’s at the Mill after the seminar. Click to see if you can get a reservation for the class ($150 per person).


La Fête de la Musique at the Embassy of France. This Summer celebration requires you to reserve tickets for $8.00 each, but it will include music, entertainment, and food at the Embassy.

Mmmmmm, pig.

June 18


More Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival at the National Harbor.


Sunday Fundays at the Front Page in Ballston. At the back bar blay Wii Sports with your fellow geeks. It’s free, but it’s on a first-come, first-served basis!

Being Social: the Weekend of 06.03.11

2 Jun

Yes, it’s june, which means that it’s the last weekend to see Gauguin at the National Gallery of Art!  It’s also the beginning of the annual Capital Pride Celebration, so get your rainbows on and find something gay to do!  Also going on this weekend are:



June 3

National Doughnut Day!  Stop by a  Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts for a free Doughnut!

11am – 9pm

Truckeroo at the Navy Yard Metro – Holy crap, food trucks!  If you have ever wanted to try food trucks, this is a freaking porno of food trucks.  GO.  AND EAT MUCHLY.

June 4


Jazz at the Phillips Collection


DC Record Fair – A crazy LP selling/exchange/party at Uncapped Live at U Street/Cardozo.


If you didn’t hear the story about dancing protesters at the Lincoln Memorial last week, then you may not care that there is a massive flash mob that will form at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial this weekend.  But if you do want to watch/participate in this display of public protest, now’s the time!  According to Metromix, the purpose of the flashmob is to peacefully draw attention to and defy a recent U.S. Court of Appeals ruling that dancing, even silently, is forbidden at memorials because it distracts from the “solemn commemoration” at such sites.


The Seersucker Social, hosted by the Dandies & Quaintrelles (who also did the Tweed Ride).  According to WaPo, this will be a fashion show on wheels. The after-party at Hillwood includes tasty beverages, games and live music, but you need to buy tickets if you want to party!


NINJA WARRIOR at Urban Evolution Gym.  Okay, it’s not the real Sasuke.  But it’s gonna be a ton of people making asses of themselves while trying to do ridiculous feats of strength and acrobatics.  If you haven’t seen Ninja Warrior on G4/Spike TV, you need to watch a marathon on YouTube, and then go to this event.  It’s a true Japanese cultural experience.

June 5


Tastes of Africa in Silver Spring.  According to WaPo, there will be dishes from more than 40 African countries at this family event.  There are also art shows, three fashion shows with designs from Ethiopia, the Ivory Coast and Cameroon and traditional and modern dance performances.



Being Social: the Weekend of 05.20.11

20 May

May 21


The National Asian Heritage Festival – Fiesta Asia is a street fair celebrating all things Asia with food, vendors, music and demonstrations.  I’m sure there will be cosplay there, too, as there was a ton of cosplay at the Sakura Festival last month!


DC101 Chili Cook-Off 2011 at RFK Stadium.  If you can pony up the $35.00+ to get in, there will be tons of chili and bands (including Weezer and Papa Roach).


The Preakness is on Saturday!  I’m sure there are a few parties to choose from, but I only found one. If you know of any, please let me know!
DC Lottery’s Race 2 Riches Preakness Watch Party pick will be at the Redline in Penn Quarter (707 G St. NW). And for bonus party action, fancy hats mean cheap beer for you!  (I still need to get me a fancy hat @@)
And because some believe that the end of the world is Saturday at 6pm, there is a Rapture, why not party at Church and State from 9pm-2am and starting at 10pm there’s a $1 we-missed-the-Rapture party at 2213 14th St. NW (on the corner of 14th and Florida Ave.)
May 21-22
The 10th Annual Washington DC Dragon Boat Festival will be a massive dragon-fest at the Thompson Boat Center in Georgetown. Dragons are canceled due to high water 😦
May 22
In my backyard, the Taste of Arlington will be going on outside the Ballston Mall.  It’s free to get in, but you have to pay for food and drink tickets to partake.
Tickets=8 for $25
Cost=where (1Ticket EQ Food AND 2Tickets EQ Drink) ; ok, very rusty at IDL programming

Being Social: The Weekend of Friday the 13th of May

12 May

I absolutely love Friday the 13th.  As a kid, I’d have slumber parties and watch horror movies with my friends.  Now, I just like to find a fun place to party.  Of course, I am having bad luck finding -any- Friday the 13th parties in DC this month, so if you know of any, please let me know!  Otherwise, here’s what’s going on this weekend in the District:

Weekends Starting May 7 through June 5th
10am – 5 pm
The Virginia Renaissance Faire! This started last weekend, and my apologies for not posting an update then. Tickets are $9 and it is hosted at a winery, so much imbibing should be had!
May 14th &15th
1pm both days
4th Annual Wine & Food Festival at the National Harbor, which will have over 150 different wines, beers, and spirits, as well as live music.  Tickets start at $35 per day; $65 for both days. Designated driver tickets are also available for just $25. You can buy tickets online here.
12 p.m. – 4 p.m on the 15th
The D.C. Taco Experiment, an amateur cook-off involving D.C.’s finest home chefs. Dishes will range from savory to sweet and will highlight the glory that is the taco. Best of all, anyone can compete and/or attend this event being held at The Rock and Roll Hotel! Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door.
5pm Sundays and 8pm Mondays
Wii Nights at The Front Page – Ballston‘s back bar.  It’s free, but it’s on a first-come, first-served basis!  Unfortunately, it’s just the simple sports pack of  Wii bowling, golf, tennis and baseball.

Holiday Special: Easter Peepshi!

22 Apr
District Geek Peepshi close-up

Maybe not as tasty as Sushi, but more fun to make!

A new trend in Easter food experimentation is PeepshiPeeps Sushi.  The premise is simple: instead of fish on rice, use marshmallow Bunny and Chicky Peeps on Rice Krispies, and tie them together with dehydrated fruit strips instead of seaweed.

Last night a friend from CUA and I ventured into the world of Peepshi, and they turned out pretty awesome.  The only ‘issue’ is that they have SO MUCH SUGAR ❤  If you need instructions, there are some on Serious Eats, but we just winged it and they turned out just fine.

District Geek Peepshi


On a related note, apparently this week is Peeps Week.  The only thing I have figured out that it entails is making everything you can out of Peeps, and then eating them all on Easter Sunday.

Locally, the Washington Post held a Peeps Competition, where creative minds vied for the title of “Best Peeps Diorama”.  A selection of the competing Peeps dioramas will be display at the Artisphere in Arlington from May 7-31.  As it’s only a few blocks from District Geek Central, I’ll try my best to make it out there and report on my findings.  If you can’t make it, allegedly the entire collection can be found on the Washington Post Peeps Page.

(M.C. Escher Peeps! Photo by James M. Thresher/The Washington Post)

Cook Bacon, Win Prizes!

19 Apr

Okay.  Bacon is win. But winning with bacon?! Epic!

Raw Tasty Applewood Smoked Bacon

Even uncooked, you can't deny the allure of bacon.

Instructables.com is hosting its annual Bacon Challenge, where you compete to make the most epic food/art out of bacon.  While creating your masterpiece, document the steps, then submit the complete how-to collection for a chance to win a custom-etched iPad (suck, I just bought one!) or an All-clad skillet.

I think I have to enter. I’m thinking either Bacon Transformer or Bacon Nintendo 8-bit controller.

Any Suggestions? 

If you enter, please let me know!