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Being Social: the Weekend of 10.19.12

19 Oct
Like to YARN BOMB? Arlington is promoting it as a “temporary public art project that will bring color and art to Rosslyn”! Classes are at the Town hall everyWednesday from Oct 17-Feb 27, 6-9pm.

Through November 9, the Arlington ABBIES are back, and you can vote for all kinds of awesome businesses that you love here inArlington

Boo at the Zoo will be October 26-28, 2012. Enjoy animal encounters, keeper talks, festive decorations, and haunted trails at the annual National Zoo’s Halloween celebration. Advance tickets are required. [DC.about.com]

This is the last weekend of the Maryland Renaissance Faire. I’ll be there saturday, so ping me if you want to meet up! Apart from this revelry, this week we have:



Like Poe? Readings will be held at Alexandria’s Athenaeum tonight! Tickets are $10. [WaPo]



The Bethesda Row Arts Festival will be held, and will host a ton of local art and artists! [PoP]


The Old Town Haunted Halloween Scavenger Hunt blends booze and history to benefit King Street Cat Rescue. There are also pre and post parties. The registration was meant to close yesterday, though >< [PoP]

Ongoing Geekdom:

  • Every Friday,at 7pm, the Black Cat holds weekly Dr. Who happy hours!! Watch one episode of Dr. Who & enjoy drink specials every Friday! /nerdchills. It’s free, and at the ‘Backstage’ venue.

Geek Look Ahead:



  • NekoCon is November 2-4. Apparently it starts on the 2th. I love the Japanese.
  • 9-11 November will be Anime USA here in the District. It’s by the zoo, so totally accessible. I’ve already pre-reg’d!
  • Crafty Bastards will be heldNov 10. Tickets go on sale at the City Paper’s website on September 28. [DCist]


July 2013

August 2013

  • Otakon will be late this year: August 9 – 11, 2013 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD.

Being Social: the Weekend of 8.31.12

31 Aug

There are a ton of Labor Day events this weekend.  For example, Alexandria’s Scottish Games! Watch the games, as well as live music and dance competitions, a British Car Show, children’s games, Celtic crafts and foods. [DC.about.com]


And for something completely regional, why not drive a ways to check out the National Hard Crab Derby?  Located at the Eastern Shore, there will be crab races, contests, carnival rides, crafts, live entertainment, beauty pageants, parade, and fireworks.  And there had better be crabs to eat, too! [DC.about.com]

(via National Zoo)



The National Zoo is opening its new American Trail. This hugely renovated exhibit is much more “wild feeling” and features seals and sea lions, beavers, river otters, bald eagles, and more. [DC.about.com]

The DC Blues Festival will be held at the Carter Barron Amphitheater. This free annual festival features live blues by outstanding local and national acts. [DC.about.com]


The National Symphony Orchestra will be hosting a free concert at East Capitol and First Streets. [DC.about.com]



District Games continues at Acre 121 on Mondays. It is pretty much a show of classic TV game shows like “District Feud, District Pyramid and District Link”. [PoP]


Ongoing Geekdom:

Geek Look Ahead:




  • NekoCon is November 2-4.  Apparently it starts on the 2th.  I love the Japanese.
  • 9-11 November will be Anime USA here in the District. It’s by the zoo, so totally accessible. I’ve already pre-reg’d!


August 2013

  • Otakon will be late this year: August 9 – 11, 2013 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD.

Being Social: the Weekend of 10.21.11

21 Oct

This weekend Boo at the Zoo returns, showcasing costumes, decorations and tasty treats along with the usual creatures!  It’s at the National Zoo from 530-830pm, but if you don’t get $30 tickets, you’ll miss out! (via WaPo).  If you like costumes as much as me, you can also wear them any time this month to the Spy Museum, to get $5 off.  But of course, a certain bit of clothing must be worn to get the discount… or buy a DISGUISE KIT or ‘budget ninja costume’!

Joining Oktoberfest (more places here), there will be a Beer Festival at Bar Dupont which offers $20 pitchers (though the selection is only from four beers) and German food.  Alternatively, if you care for a ‘sophisticated’ drink you can attend this weekend’s Wine Riot at DAR Constitution Hall. Tickets are $60 or less, and I have heard that it is a fun way to try over 250 wines with the younger crowd.
Also, you have 2 days left to enjoy Bacon week at 3 Bar & Grill in Clarendon; and this is the final weekend for the RennFest.  Also this weekend are:
October 21
The Belly Horror Show will be at the Birchmere.  This is described as a cabaret showcasing a “sinisterly sensual smorgasbord of modern belly dance, vaudeville and burlesque, inspired by things that go bump in the night.” Tickets start at $29.50. [WTOP]
Wine Riot is a wine tasting geared toward beginners, and it comes with its own iPhone app so you can remember which ones you liked. Better yet, the wines are paired with foods from places like Luke’s Lobster, Cabot cheese and Taza Chocolate. [WaPo]
October 22
I can’t say I ‘endorse’ this, because there are no regulations on such things, but the DC Grey Market is back, and selling homemade tasty food products once more!  According to DCist, “growing in popularity, the allure of these foodie bazaars seems to be the fact that they operate under nebulous food licensing rules.” It will be ‘hidden’ in an apartment building located at 1365 Kennedy Street NW. The entrance fee is $2, but tickets can be purchased online to bypass predicted lines.
I’ll hopefully be participating in Run for Your Lives, a 5k, 12-obstacle race that includes zombies that eat your brains (ok, your flag belt).  Survive, and be rewarded, make it to the end with no brains, and you turn into a zombie.  Fail to go through all the obstacles and… well you fail, and are totally nommed.  Spectator passes may still be for sale, but registration for the event closed long ago.
For the undead lovers out there, one of many zombie walk / lurch things will be held in Silver Spring. Dress up as the worst zombie, and scare innocent bystanders!  Afterward AFI Silver Theatre will have a special screening of “Dead Snow” at 945pm, followed by Shaun of the Dead! [Metromix]
October 23
It’s Mole Day!  (Well, it’s the alternate to 6.10 since we didn’t have school in June).  Celebrate the creature and the measure of unit by doing something geeky, like baking.
The Tough Mudder race will also be held, since I seem to be on the fitness kick this week.  It’s known as a brutal 9 mile course that goes up a ski slope  (1250 feet), greased hills, tunnels and deep water to name a few.  It claims to “test toughness, fitness, strength, stamina, and mental grit all in one place and all in one day.”  My co-workers have said they trained years for this thing.  It makes the Zombie run seem tame… but then again, they aren’t worried about losing their brains.
Arlington’s Artisphere will be host to the semiannual DC Record Fair. It’s $5 if you want to get in early, or $2 from noon until close.
1-5pm, 7-11pm
Wine Riot continues!
The 2nd annual Home Brew Harvest will be held at American Ice Co. and will showcase DC-only beers!  A $10 donation is requested, and there is a homebrew workshop 3-4, with tastings beginning at 4.  [PoP]

Being Social: Thursday Antics

12 Jul
Wtf, apparently Thursday this week is the party night:

Oui, oui!

 The major party of the night is the French Bastille day, which gives DC an excuse to party thanks to its French rootsDC’s Metromix came through once more, with a pretty long list of parties that you can attend.  Most involve booze, French maids, and dancing.
And if drinking with wild, dangerous animals is more of your thing, again this year FONZ is hosting a Brew at the National Zoo from 6-9pm.  Tickets are $65 and they will sell out, so pick them up now if you’re interested (and invite me)!

Being Social: The Weekend of 4.22.11

21 Apr

There doesn’t appear to be much going on around town this weekend (as it’s Easter, maybe?), so why not enjoy the nice weather by going to the National Zoo and check out the Lion cubs?  Plus, if you go on the 22nd, they’re hosting some Earth Day events, recycling, and crafts.

Or, if you are the Easter type, there are a ton of places to brunch (and more to brunch!) or you could go on Easter egg hunts!

(via 8screensavers.com)

And don’t forget it’s hockey playoffs time!  Downtown will be buzzing Saturday afternoon, as the Caps try to win their first round of the playoffs against the Rangers!  Go anywhere within ten blocks of Chinatown, and you’ll be sure to find a party.  Rock the Red!