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Mario Cat, the Game

17 Oct

Ok, so this blog is looking more and more like a Mario blog.  There’s just so much awesome about this game that I’m finding.  But fear not! I’ll be finishing my IPL StarCraft 2 Tournament entry soon.  Meanwhile…

….amusing gamer/commentator tries playing through a Japanese game nicknamed ‘Mario Cat’.  This game has been out for years, but I hadn’t found it until today.   The entire game runthrough I was LOLing.  It’s epic. Please watch below (WARNING: lots of swearing ensues!).

I don’t know Japanese (though I want to learn!) so perhaps there were warnings on screen that he missed?

This reminds me of a guy commentating his battle through a hilarious mod to Mario World, where the level didn’t end after the flag… instead it was water and you’d drown if you didn’t land the right way or something…. which involved jumping off Yoshi… but I lost the video.  Does anyone know where it went?