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Being Social: the Weekend of 5.25.12

25 May

Happy Geek Day! And it’s memorial day weekend! Mainly that means if you’re in DC you’ll be drowned out by Rolling Thunder. And that the pools are finally open. And that there’s a ton to do! Included are Sunset Celebrations at Mount Vernon in full on colonial style, and a new roller coaster at Hershey Park.

(via doctorbulldog… I need to take more flag pictures…)

On Friday night at 9, Artisphere plays host to the Urban Dance Corps Hip-Hop Battle & Dance Party, where local crews will be battling their French counterparts. Tickets are $5. [DCist]

In Old Town Alexandria, the Torpedo Factory will be showing an exhibit on Diverging Mediums: Photography vs. iPhoneography. It begins to debate what differences there are, by comparing the same shot from both mediums. The event runs through the end of the month. [WaPo]

Finally, on the food front: if you don’t want to have to deal with the Bay Bridge traffic, there’s now a beach in dc! Yes, the NY Ave Beach Bar is opening. While it’s going to be crowded, this sounds like the kind of funky bar that I’d like to check out once it’s got its vibe on. Also, Mike Isabella’s new restaurant Bandolero is open, just in time for this weekend’s heat wave!


Ongoing Geekdom:

  • Through May, the National Geographic Society will be hosting an exhibit that features all the stories they wrote that weren’t published!  See what most can’t, and learn about stuff like “Happy Hour at the Ochroma Tree.”.
  • Artisphere is exhibiting Elevator to the Moon: Retro-Future Visions of Space, which features contemporary artists’ works based on 20th century predictions of what the future of space travel would be.   There is also an opening reception on the 5th that could be neat. It runs through June 9.
  • The Freer and Sackler gallery will carry on the Awesome that was the Cherry Blossom festival, and features Hokusai: 36 Views of Mount Fuji!! I have to go. I tried seeing it at the British Museum, but it was travelling, and now’s my chance! Anyone want to go with me?  It’s open until June 17.
  • The Art of Video Games, which exhibits video games voted on by fans, is open at the American Art Museum through September 30th.  It starts with lectures by famous developers (many are sold out, though they will be livestreamed!), a GameFest, and video game movies like King of Kong.  If you haven’t seen it, go.  It’s so dorkfully win.


Geek Look Ahead:


  • June 8-10 will have AnimeNext in New Jersey
  • Anime Mid-Atlantic is a bit further away, but it’s another big Anime Convention, if you’re in need of some geek time! June 15-17
  • Bronycon will be in NYC (actually the Meadowlands) June 30-July1. I’ll be there, cosplaying it up! Note me if you want to room share, cosplay with me, or just meet up!
  • June 30 will also play host to Bit Gen Gamer Fest 7 in Baltimore, a video game music concert festival.  If I weren’t going to Bronycon, this sounds pretty awesome.
  • Otakon July 27-29: Become by friend now and we can split a room in this Baltimore-based anime extravaganza!





  • NekoCon is November 2-4.  Apparently it starts on the 2th.  I love the Japanese.

Being Social: the Weekend of 2.24.12

24 Feb
This weekend the Chesapeake Oyster & Beer Festival will be at the National Harbor.  Though not as exciting as Katsucon, they will serve oysters every way, along with beer music, exhibits and more.  Tickets look like they’re hard to come by, and $100 on site.  I think I’d rather slurp some oysters at Againn for half the cost… [about.com]
Friday and Saturday at the National Symphony Orchestra will be performing Cirque de la Symphonie, a new production that brings “the Magic of Cirque to the Concert Hall.  Tickets may be pricy, but it is another neat Cirque act. [metromix]
It’s also DC Fashion week! I’d love to see these things, and I swear they happen like four times a year, but I never get to go out and see the silly new trends that models are flaunting.  Let me know if you want to hit one up with me!  Otherwise, we have:
Remember when I wrote about the WSC Avant Bard performing Shakespeare in Klingon? Well, now’s your chance to be part of the show!  They will be holding auditions for parts for their “Shakespeare in Klingon” show (on March 4 at Artisphere – how do we get tickets?!), through an open call in the middle of Dupont Circle. And even if you don’t want to participate, it’ll be fun to watch because all that audition HAVE to arrive in Dupont Circle in full costume.  Woohoo cosplay FTW! [WaPo]
The 13th St. Meats Pop-up Shop is once again making an appearance at Pharmacy Bar (2337 18th Street NW). [dcist]
It’s a DC Rollergirls double header at the DC Armory (2001 E Capitol Street SE).  Watch Scare Force One take on the Majority Whips, and the Cherry Blossom Bombshells go against the DC DemonCats. $12. [dcist]
Ever wanted to hear a Mexican acordion player? Here’s your chance: at Artisphere, Rana Santacruz will be performing “Mexican alternative folk” or “bluegrass mariachi.” Tickets are $15 in advance, $18 at the door. [theDistrict]
Barcraft is back, this time showing a tournament sponsored by the same guys that host the Barcraft: One Nation of Gamers. Come on out to Public Bar to spend time drinking, watching Starcraft, and playing board games with fellow geeks.

Geek Look Ahead:

The WSC Avant Bard will performi Shakespeare in Klingonon March 4 at Artisphere!
DC’s 100th Anniversary Cherry Blossom Festival! March 20-April 27: Enjoy traditional and modern Japan/American celebrations of spring.
Video Games Live at Strathmore April 7: A live Orchestra performs geek music FTW!
Otakon July 27-29: Become by friend now and we can split a room in this Baltimore-based anime extravaganza!

Being Social: the Weekend of 12.30.11

30 Dec
Are you ready for 2012?  I’m definitely not, but I know that I won’t be as busy next year as I am currently.
I shouldn’t even have to mention that nearly every bar and restaurant will be having New Year’s parties and specials this week.  I’ll go over my favourites in this weekend’s review.  Also! Don’t be stupid enough to drink and drive.  Especially since DC offers free cab rides home on New Year’s Eve! 

No DD required!

 SoberRide is a free taxi ride program provided by the Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP). Taxi rides are free, up to a $30 fare. The SoberRide  Number is (800) 200-TAXI (8294).
December 30
It’s your last chance this weekend to see the National Geographic Society’s exhibit on Animal Grossology.  If you need an excuse to stop eating holiday goodies, checking this out may be your best bet. (WaPo)
December 31
Apparently a type of dance music called Moombahton was invented in Washington, DC two years ago.  U Street Music Hall will host this Moombahton Massive X with its inventor Dave Nada and other star DJs. Tickets are $15. (TheDistrict)
January 1
Watch some sport! The Redskins and Wizards will both be in town, trying to eke out a win.

I hope it snows!!

January 2
The NHL Winter Classic will be on!  The game’s in Philly this year, and will host the Fliers and NY Rangers.
Also, the Washington Shakespeare Company ‘Avant Bard’ will be having another Gala night in Klingon in March at the Artisphere.  “Klingon II: The Wrath of (Michael) Kahn,” raises crucial funds to keep the theater going. I havent been able to find a date, nor tickets, but they do sell out fast. If you find them, please let me know!  (Rosslyn BID)

Being Social: the Weekend of 11.11.11

10 Nov

Nu! The final Binary Day is upon us!  It is a sad affair, but there’s still a lot to do even after the 0’s and 1’s stop showing up in our datebooks:



The DC Gam.es festival runs this weekend, which will run games designed locally.  Our lovely Artisphere will again play host to this exciting event, which coincides with the conclusion of Digital Capital Week.  Games include:

  • Live Action Spy Party, designed by Pete Vigeant (ESI Design)
  • A Web of Hope, designed by Pete Vigeant (ESI Design), presented by Natron Baxter
  • 3 1/2 Ring Circus, designed by Charles Amis, Ala Diab and Nathan Maton (Gameful)
  • The Mini Gauntlet, designed by Matt Fleming
  • The Escort Quest, designed by Rob Meyer and Grant Reid (NYU Game Center)
  • Grow a Game, designed by Tiltfactor (and run by Nathan Maton)
  • Before/After, designed by Molly Abin and Todd Ogin

Also all day, varied times

There will be a ton of Veterans Day events for Friday, including a parade in Manassas, ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the World War II Memorial, and the Navy Memorial. The Mount Vernon Estate will have a wreath-laying ceremony followed by performances by the Harmony Heritage Singers (an all-veteran barbershop chorus) and the U.S. Air Force Strings.  (via WTOP)



The Accessibility Hackathon, another point in the Digital Capital Week, will be bringing developers together  at tche DC public library to ‘help create tools to meet the needs of the user community’.  I’m no coder, so check out their Hackathon website for more details. (via Eventbrite)

If the DC Games Festival wasn’t enough, Saturday is apparently National Gaming Day!  Participating public libraries will also be hosting tons of dice rolling, button punching, card slamming fun! (via WaPo)


We, the Pizza and DC Brau will be hosting a night of all things tasty.  DC Brau  will feature the Citizen and Public brews, and will be paired with Chef Spike Mendelsohn’s  special pizzas.  Sounds tasty, but tickets are $40.

Yeah, tweed.



Once again, the Dandies & Quaintrelles  will host their third annual Tweed Ride.  This will combine a fashion show and a hipster reunion on wheels. It is free, but you have to register to learn the starting location.  There will also be an after party at Smith Commons($15 ticket required). (via Metromix)


Yeah, back in the day 3 Doors Down were kind of popular. I guess they’re still playing, and will be performing at DAR constitution hall

Holiday Special: Easter Peepshi!

22 Apr
District Geek Peepshi close-up

Maybe not as tasty as Sushi, but more fun to make!

A new trend in Easter food experimentation is PeepshiPeeps Sushi.  The premise is simple: instead of fish on rice, use marshmallow Bunny and Chicky Peeps on Rice Krispies, and tie them together with dehydrated fruit strips instead of seaweed.

Last night a friend from CUA and I ventured into the world of Peepshi, and they turned out pretty awesome.  The only ‘issue’ is that they have SO MUCH SUGAR ❤  If you need instructions, there are some on Serious Eats, but we just winged it and they turned out just fine.

District Geek Peepshi


On a related note, apparently this week is Peeps Week.  The only thing I have figured out that it entails is making everything you can out of Peeps, and then eating them all on Easter Sunday.

Locally, the Washington Post held a Peeps Competition, where creative minds vied for the title of “Best Peeps Diorama”.  A selection of the competing Peeps dioramas will be display at the Artisphere in Arlington from May 7-31.  As it’s only a few blocks from District Geek Central, I’ll try my best to make it out there and report on my findings.  If you can’t make it, allegedly the entire collection can be found on the Washington Post Peeps Page.

(M.C. Escher Peeps! Photo by James M. Thresher/The Washington Post)