…and not the chain maille ones!

Informational – The Daily What is kind enough to have a geek-friendly site. This updates multiple times a day to give you the most recent news on all things geek.

http://www.dorkly.comDorkly is a videogame comedy site featuring funny articles, viral videos, video game comics, pictures, and cute gamer girls! – Geekosystem recognizes and celebrates the myriad types of geek that coexist under the common title.

Gaming – A pretty intense game review and guide blog – The largest video game database online, Giant Bomb features Game Reviews, News, Videos, and Forums.

Chick Stuff – Articles of slightly dubious geek content that are written by and for girls.

Shopping – A dragon’s horde of shinies and useful objects of mostly hilarious intent.


April 20-24

Norwescon – Seattle, WA.  A small, cozy sci-fi con, with great workshops and a focus on literature.

July 29-31

Otakon – Baltimore, MD.  The second largest Anime convention in the US (30k attendees), this con has more than you can dream of seeing in a weekend – even without sleeping!

August 27-October 23 (weekends only)

Maryland Renaissance Festival – Crownsville, MD.  Okay, this isn’t really a con.  But it’s an awesome festival, chock full of mead, wenches and medieval costuming!

October 8-9

Geek Girl Con – Seattle, WA.  Celebrating girls and the sci-fi/geek culture!

November 4-6

Nekocon – Hampton Roads, VA.  This is less about anime-cat-girls than it is about anime and Japanese culture in general. But there are lots of cat-girls there.

February 17-19, 2012

Katsucon – National Harbor, MD (aka across the river from Alexandria, VA).  A fun, small to medium sized anime and japanese culture convention.


http://www.distortedview.comIf you are a geek that hates people, this podcast is for you.  As long as you can handle puke and shit audio.  And pron audio. Lots of dumb pron audio.

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