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All That

6 Jul

The Daily What made me aware of the resurgence of something that completely brainwashed me as a child: Nickelodeon.  Specifically, the insanely awesome lineup of shows on in the 90’s.  I wanted to be Clarissa (or more specifically, Jade, her alter ego).  I tried not to say ‘I don’t know’ or ‘water’, thinking “You can’t do that on television“.  I idolized Marc Summers.   Are You Afraid of the Dark made me want to form my own Midnight Society.

Now, it appears that Kenan Thompson, the Nick star that made it to Saturday Night Live, is going to be a host of some late night nostalgia on Teen Nick.

It makes me want to see if  Legends of the Hidden Temple players really had GUTS. Because, honestly, stuff like that show is still good for modern-day cosplay.

C'mon. It's a great idea, admit it.


Being Social: the Weekend of 07.01.11

1 Jul

Don't you wish you were this cool?

Starting this weekend, the Smithsonian Folklife festival on the National Mall will exhibit the power of words in African American culture, music in Latino America, and the rich culture of Wales.  It is free and is every day from 11 am to 5:30 pm from June 30-July 4 and July 7-11.

July 2

2 pm- 10 pm
The over-hyped Uncle Sam Jam at the National Harbour is $15, and as with all massive parties, it’ll have food and booze to buy, and music acts such as The Wailers, Blind Melon, and some crazy group called Lethal Peanut.
The Red White and Booze party at the Town Tavern in Adams Morgan sounds a bit more exciting . There’s an ope bar for 8-9 if you pre-register, and if not, there’s still $3 domestic bottles and patriotic Budweiser tall boy cans, $4 mixed rails, $5 Sam Adams and American flag jello shots!  Woohoo!  (via Metromix)

July 3

5 pm- 1 am
The Independence Day Burger Bash at Policy may be the most anticipated event this Fourth of July weekend.   This all night party will include $5 burgers with allegedly 10 toppings to choose from, as well as $3 PBR, $4 domestics and spiked root beer (yum?!) (via Metromix)

2 pm
The $20 National FreedomFest, which, according to Metromix  is a two-day music extravaganza, returns with a powerful lineup and a brand-new venue: the recently completed Yards Park on DC’s riverfront. The all-American party will feature 40+ Bands and DJs on 5 stages, including the Dirty Heads and Yolanda Be Cool.

July 4

DC has a tradition of  hosting zillions of parties, so just Google where you want to go and there will be a ton to do  and eat. Here are the highlights:

Yeah, fifes!

10 am – 2 pm
The National Archives Fourth of July Celebration will be on the Constitution Avenue steps of the National Archives Building.  There will be a performance by the Fife and Drum Corps and a dramatic reading of the Declaration by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin from 10-11am. (via Metromix)


Mondays always have an Organ recital at the National Cathedral.  Since it’s on Independence day, this one looks to be a little more special, hosting will also feature the Washington Symphonic Brass and the US Navy Sea Chanters and it will include the 1812 Overture!  If you can’t make it, it will be webcast as well!  Woohoho!

The National Independence Day Parade down Constitution begins.  Get there early to get a good view!  I recommend also camping near a public building so you can cool down if need be.

2 pm
The National FreedomFest continues.

Independance Grillin’ w/DC BRAU begins – Load up or $4 DC-brewed ale and eat burgers while listening to “the music for an Independent Nation”.  (Via Washingtonian)

A Capitol Fourth Concert.  Though seating starts at 3pm, you have to be crazy to picnic there just to get a front row view of this televised concert, which is hosted annually on the lawn of the Capitol (it’s a lot better to watch on PBS – no people, bad weather, nor nightmare exodus afterwards).  The lineup includes Steve Martin, Josh Groban, Jordin Sparks, Little Richard, “Glee” star Matthew Morrison and the National Symphony Orchestra.  (When I went six years ago, Elmo was there!)

The concert ends with Fireworks at the National Mall, which can be seen from anywhere on the mall, on high buildings, or on the Virginia banks of the Potomac.

Costumes may or may not be encouraged, but...

Also, start honing your Angry Birds skills! On July 14 there will be an Angry Birds game tournament in Crystal City!

Jousting with work

21 Jun

Sorry to all my readers, but this District Geek just started a new job and it’s not treating her well yet.  I’ll be trying to post more in the near future, and am keeping up with the weekend event guides.  I have two research articles in work, and a few articles I’ll review in the meantime.

For now, I give you Segway Jousting! ~

Fear my noble iron horse!

E3 Reactions

7 Jun

For those of you that are unaware, E3 is going on now, and there are always huge announcements made there!

I just wanted to post my most favourite announcement thus far.  No, it’s not the new Apple iCloud, or the WiiU, or even the PlayStation Vita  (which looks strangely like my old Sega Game Gear… hmm…).

Behold, Soul Calibur V!

The narrative on this trailer is pretty lame, but the graphics and characters look great!  I loved the story mode of IV and really hope that this one is just as good, if not better!  Of course, if that’s the case, I am so going to sink some hours into this one, FTW!

Kawaii Cubes

17 May

I found an epic video from Kotaku on a wicked Minecraft setup made by team Oz Workshop.  This thing is massive, and includes not just buildings but entire towns from Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli films!  If you have not seen all the Studio Ghibli films, you really should.  Each one has its own oddities (read: some have crack as a key ingredient), but they also have charm and confer poignant lessons that can leave your soul satisfied.

I especially adore Laputa: Castle in the Sky, whose interior appears to be as creepy and massive as the movie was (might there be old freaky robots on that thing?).   Also, the interior of Howl’s Moving Castle is so perfect! I half want to see the fire talk to me! ❤

Such a cute fire demon! (via and everything nice)

Plus, there’s a catbus and Totoro too! Squee!  Minecraft’s infinite potential shines through in this one.  Way to go, Oz Workshop!

Tablet Fever!

9 May

I just got my iPad2, and will be sure to post a review on it once I play around a bit.  I’ll be posting reviews of apps, software, and accessories as I purchase them, too!  In the meantime, I’ll share this article I saw on gamesradar:

“Sony unveiled the two ‘PlayStation Certified’ tablets at an event in Japan last night. Running on Android 3.0, both tablets are scheduled for release in the fall of this year. The first device, codenamed S1, features a 9.4-inch display, while the other hosts two separate 5.5 inch displays and a closeable clamshell formfactor. The S1 is designed for home use, while the S2 is for more mobile-minded consumers.  Both tablets will receive what Sony calls “high quality first generation PlayStation titles”,” which gamesradar believes will be just PS1 games.I am a fan of PS1 mainly because it’s the one I grew up on.  I only played a few PS2 titles, so I think the old titles would be ok with me, but for the mainstream audience, it seems like Sony needs to be more forward-thinking and begin to make new titles for these tablets, or at least find a compatible clone of PS3 titles for these tablets.  The Nintendo DS, for example, has a massive games market and online content which make it thrive as a portable gaming platform.

There are an abundance of tablets on the market now, and it will be very interesting to see what brands will make it out of this decade intact.  I opted for the iPad mainly because of the app store and the ability to use it with the apps as an art tablet (although there is no pressure sensitivity yet).  I had a mac as my first laptop, and I loved it, but it is getting to be obsolete and needed to be replaced.  I have my eye on the ThinkGeek bluetooth keyboard, so that this new and trendy tablet will also double as a travel laptop for me.

Do you have a tablet? What are its pros and cons? Which are the forerunners right now?

Shoe WIN /FashionWeek

2 May

Super. Mario. Converse.

Super Mario 8-bit 25 Anniversary Nintendo Converse

I read on bradchannel that Converse Japan and Nintendo will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of Super Mario by making it into a Chuck Taylor shoe.   There will be shoes in white and black, high-top only, with the invincibility star in place of the traditional All-Stars logo.  It looks way too adorable!   Also, Mario is in four poses, all from his 8-bit days.

The sad news is, it’s only for Japan at this point.  I’m wondering if it’s worth staking out an eBay search for these babies or not.  Either way, I hope that a sticker/patch of the star logo shows up, because that would look rockin’ on my bag.