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Cutting Back on Posts – Tumblr Going strong!

30 Apr

Due to low viewership on this blog, plus my lack of free time, I am making this a monthly blog. I will update the future geeky event calendar when I find new items of interest. I may also make a Google Calendar – would this be of interest/better than a static list on WordPress?

Thank you to all that do read my blog, I hope it has helped you to find things to do at and around Washington, DC. Please continue to follow me on Tumblr, where I post geeky art, housewares and accessories for your browsing (and shopping) pleasure!

geek-prideIf you want to research DC goings-on on your own, the following websites were used for the majority of my blog posts:


Specific Events/Groups:



I be Tumblin’

1 Aug

As Tumblr seems to be a more interactive forum, I will be posting small updates, products and other miscellaneous information there.  Large articles and weekly going out guides will still be posted here.

BEHOLD! DistrictGeek on Tumblr

My first tumble photo article thing!

I am new at Tumblr, so your suggestions are greatly welcomed.  Should I cross post every time I write something? What is the best stuff to do on Tumblr?  Let me know, and thanks for your feedback!

Being Social: Restaurant Weeks update!

17 Jul

I found yet another restaurant week going on, so an update is called for:

Courtesy of my Volt meal, March 2010

July 14-21

July 16–22

August 15th-21st

August 17–26

Being Social: Thursday Antics

12 Jul
Wtf, apparently Thursday this week is the party night:

Oui, oui!

 The major party of the night is the French Bastille day, which gives DC an excuse to party thanks to its French rootsDC’s Metromix came through once more, with a pretty long list of parties that you can attend.  Most involve booze, French maids, and dancing.
And if drinking with wild, dangerous animals is more of your thing, again this year FONZ is hosting a Brew at the National Zoo from 6-9pm.  Tickets are $65 and they will sell out, so pick them up now if you’re interested (and invite me)!

Video Game Courtroom Win?

27 Jun

If you haven’t heard yet, the ban that California tried to put on the sale of violent/offensive video games to minors has been rejected.  In Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association, the court stated that this ban broke both the 1st and 14th amendments.  In summary, they announced that such a ban is an unconstitutional violation of free-speech rights (Yahoo).  As such, “government doesn’t have the authority to restrict the ideas to which children may be exposed” (WTOP).

The full ruling in PDF format can be found on The Supreme Court website.

Instead, the court ruling implies that parents should decide what games a child can play.  Now, that of course brings up the question of whether or not parents are actually “good parents” and watch for, or even care about what their children play.  From experience, all my friends and I got titles if we asked for them as gifts or had saved up the money for them, whether it was Mortal Kombat or Pokemon Snap.  Conversely, there are parents that take offense at a single line of dialogue out of context, so I understand that some parents care, but I am under the impression that the majority of parents would’t be playing Grand Theft Auto before giving it their seal of approval.

Still, wouldn't you feer a bit uneasy if they trapped you in a dark alley?

Then, of course,  people argue that it’s the multi-billion dollar video game companies who truly win, and that this isn’t about the right to decide if a game is okay for a certain kid to play or not.

I for one am glad that video games aren’t going to be strictly regulated.  I think a child’s exposure to violent games doesn’t have as much of an effect on children as their upbringing, their social interaction, and their education.  And even barring those factors, I would hope that children would be smart enough to know that video games are not the same as reality.

What do you think of the decision? Is it good for kids? Will it promote good parenting? Are ratings enough, or should there at least be more explicit labeling of why a game is rated the way it is?  Let me know!