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Otakon Ahoy!

26 Jul

Sorry, no events for this weekend. Be at Otakon, or be square!

Time for some BASS CANNON!

And please message me @iSaunter on Twitter if you’re there. I’d love to meet my readers!


Did I mention I’m a Pokedork?

8 May
Dude.  This Pokémon arcade game gives you poke-tokens made of win.

Take all my moniez!

As part of my Nintendorkery, I also play Pokémon.  I am very far behind, and don’t have any friends, so I don’t get all the evolutions.  I played with my sister and always tried to use sleep on hers during battles. It was kind of a cheat, but I always wanted to win. Don’t all kids?

Anyways, there’s this new prototype Japanese Pokémon Tretta arcade game which I really, really hope does come out in July.  Not only can you play Pokémon on it, but every time you catch one, you get their token (Tretta)!  Then you use the tokens to recall Pokémon if you play at a later time!  I hope they also give you new tokens on evolution. I am so gotta catch ’em all and want the tokens. All of them.  Would I eBay for them? Mayyyybe, if it was Corsola, my ultimate favourite Pokémon!

What’s your favourite pocket monster?  Do you want to be my DS buddy? (No, I don’t have a 3DS tho…)

Being Social: the Weekend of 4.13.12

13 Apr

This weekend, the Sugarloaf Craft Festival is back at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds.  It really has almost everything you could think of in terms of crafts and art, as well as neat fair snack foods like maple syrup and hot chestnuts. Yum!

April 12-22 also features Filmfest DC, which shows a wide range of extraordinary new films from around the world at a variety of Washington, DC locations. []


Happy Friday the 13th!  It also happens to be Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday! Visit the Jefferson Memorial and check out the ceremonial wreaths laid in his honour. []
At Restaurant Judy, check out some Maracuyeah! This could be the next dubstep music, as it has “carved out a blossoming niche in the D.C. party scene, curating bass-heavy tropical sounds that infuse dance music with a new energy and blur the lines between electronic, organic, classic and cutting-edge. Even better, Maracuyeah events follow a DIY approach, skipping the nightclub circuit for community based spaces and small bars where different classes and cultures can blend comfortably on the dancefloor. DJs Rat, Mafe and Bent welcome NYC Dutty Artz crew DJ Chief Boima for their anniversary party at Judy’s Restaurant, along with live cumbia from Tribaldis Band.” Admission is $10. [WaPo]

mmm, such tasty treats! Mochiiii

Today is the day!! The National Cherry Blossom festival will be holding its annual parade, and will end with the most-awesome Sakura Matsuri Japanese Street Festival – which is a huge Japanese street party that includes live entertainment, awesome ethnic food, arts, games and a Ginza Marketplace.
Cap City Bar Golf will tie in bar-hopping as well as a min-golf course with actual putting greens in each bar! It sounds pretty fun, especially the booze part. Tickets are $27 per foursome, are and will yield you $2beers.
Nerd Nite DC this month will discuss Sperm banks, typography, and quantum computers.  Pretty freaky, if you ask me! Tickets are $10.
If you’re in the Titanic craze, there’s a Titanic exhibit at the National Geographic you can check out through July 8.  But at this time, at the Women’s Titanic Memorial (yes, there is one in DC!), there will be a commemorative ceremony.  “Waterfront Park will be lit with 1,517 lights, representing the number of people who died in the disaster, and historic images of the Titanic, her crew and passengers are projected onto a 50-foot high screen on a building near the memorial. Music from 1912 will play throughout the night, and “Nearer My God to Thee,” the final song performed by the doomed ship’s orchestra, will be performed at 9 p.m.” [WaPo]
Another Miyazaki Cherry Blossom Festival Day? Yes please!  Again at the Freer Gallery, today’s 10th annual anime marathon features: “Ponyo,” (YESS!) “Porco Rosso,” (Odd…) “Princess Mononoke” (Yesssss!!) and “Spirited Away,” (Freaky, but fun).  GO.
Also don’t forget, Monday is DC Emancipation Day, and will mark the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Act, when Lincoln granted freedom to 3,100 enslaved persons in the District of Columbia. A year-long celebration will kick off with educational and cultural events throughout the city.  This also leads to Tax Day being on Tuesday, so get those taxes done, stat! []


Ongoing Geekdom:


Geek Look Ahead:

  • T-mode, an anime and gaming convention, will be April 20-22.
  • That 80’s Prom 5will be Sat, April 21st.  It’s pretty fun, and last year I saw a DeLorian!


  • Trucko De Mayo will be held on Saturday, May 5 from Noon through 9 p.m. on the RFK Stadium Festival Grounds (Lot 3). Featuring free admission, free parking, live music, two bars – and over 35 food trucks.
  • May 18-20 will host the World’s Greatest Steampunk World’s Fair  in Piscataway NJ! This looks pretty intense but fun.  I just don’t have a real Steampunk costume yet! T___T


  • Anime Mid-Atlantic is a bit further away, but it’s another big Anime Convention, if you’re in need of some geek time! June 15-17
  • Bronycon will be in NYC (actually the Meadowlands) June 30-July1. I’ll be there, cosplaying it up! Note me if you want to room share, cosplay with me, or just meet up!
  • Otakon July 27-29: Become by friend now and we can split a room in this Baltimore-based anime extravaganza!





  • NekoCon is November 2-4.  Apparently it starts on the 2th.  I love the Japanese.

Being Social: the Weekend of 1.6.11

6 Jan
Well, apparently there isn’t much going on this weekend: even my most reliable sites don’t have as many listings as normal.  Thus, I offer you this meager list of things to do.  If you’re bored, there’s playoff NFL Football games on Saturday AND Sunday, whee!


All weekend:
Magfest, DC’s kitchy, small hotel-based Gamer convention, is back for its 10th year, but this time it will be at the National Harbour’s Gaylord National Convention Center.  It has a ton of video, board, and LARP games to choose from, as well as some completely geeky bands that will Perform. Also appearing will be guests such as Special guests at this year’s event include Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu; the voice of Portal’s GLaDOS, Ellen McLain; the voice of Duke Nukem, Jon St. John; and many more.  Admission is $40 for one day.

Saturday 1pm

Take a look at the Rock Creek National Park planetarium!  Tickets are free but get there at least 30 minutes prior to snag one! ( WUSA9)
Saturday 3 & 8pm
Sunday 2 & 7pm
‘Spoiler Alert: Everybody Dies’, a comedic anti-holiday act, will be having its last weekend.  This comedy  will be at Wolly Mamoth theatre.  Tickets are $35 and up. (WaPo)
Elvis Fight

Fisticuffs or Handcuffs?

Saturday 8 & 11pm
Elvis’ Birthday Fight Club, a 21-and-over performance will featured costumed brawls and burlesque at The Warehouse Theatre (1021 7th Street NW). Tickets are $16 in advance and $20 day of. (DCist)


Geek Look Ahead:
DC Restaurant Week January 9-15: Cheap, tasty meals at DC’s finest!
Elephant Room at Arena Stage January 20-February 26: Follow three semi-pro magicians through this comedic play.
Katsucon February 17-19: Massive anime festival, now at the National Harbor!
DC’s 100th Anniversary Cherry Blossom Festival! March 20-April 27: Enjoy traditional and modern Japan/American celebrations of spring.
Video Games Live at Strathmore April 7: A live Orchestra performs geek music FTW!
Otakon July 27-29: Become by friend now and we can split a room in this Baltimore-based anima extravaganza!

Being Social: the Weekend of 11.18.11

18 Nov

Anime USA will be running this weekend, providing a great chance to watch Anime, meet voice actors, and buy  a lot of cool Japanese stuff!  They will also host dances and bands such as BLOOD, Eien Strife, and Matenrou Opera!

The Sugarloaf Craft Festival has also come to town, and you can stock up on holiday gifts while staring at shinies all day.  It’s a bit of a hike to get there, but I will be checking it out on Saturday. Tickets are $7, but you can get a $1 off coupon online.

On a less geeky note, the InkFest convention will be at Nats park this weekend.  You can watch people with tattoos, watch people get inked, and, if slots allow, you could get inked yourself!  Tickets are $15 and up.

Otherwise, we have:




Want to win a spelling bee to pay for your bar tab?  Then try out the Rock and Roll Spelling Buzz!  Plus, $6 gets you a 16oz PBR and a Shot of crap whiskey till it’s over! Sign up starts at 6pm.



If you wanted winter to come early, there will be a taste of it at the outdoor skating rink on the National Mall!  The Sculpture Garden ice rink is opening for the season.  Tickets are $8, with a $3 rental.  (via WTOP radio)

(Photo by Simon Garbutt)


The National Geographic Society is currently showing treasures from the Anglo-Saxon times, ad this Saturday at 1pm they will team up with Earth Conservation Corps to have a falconry demonstration and workshop! I think it might be meant for kids, but birds of prey are badass enough for adults to see too.  The Hoard can be seen at the museum for $8 per person, but the falcons are free! (via the District)


The Capital Bacon and Beer Bash will be held at the National Harbor.  Unfortunately, tickets are $70, and I can make my own Bacon & Beer party for cheaper 😦 (via DCist)


Barcraft will again be held at Public Bar in Dupont Circle, this time airing Starcraft games from MLG Providence!  I’ll be there – stop by and buy me a drink 🙂  If you need a tutorial to watching Starcraft, try this.


Japanese Taiko drummers will be performing at GWU’s Lisner Auditorium.  Those things are so badass.  Tickets are $25-45.

Bowser Pirate Sets Sail

2 Sep

It’s Labour Day Weekend! Get out and do something! Go to the Ren Faire or geek out on vigigames like League of Legends!  (I’m a LoL newb, so if you play all weekend you can kick my butt.  Note me for my summoner name!)

I’ll fill you all in on my weekend adventures on the flip side, but for now, this art adorns my bedroom wall, along with CatbusSlimu pwns!

A walk in Mario’s shoes

30 Aug

Mario World by Alexey Mikhaylov

Looks pretty awesome, eh?  This art by Alexey Mikhaylov sums up the next few weeks for me.  A ton to do, with lots of adventures, but maybe not much time to blog.  I’ll keep trying, but if you don’t hear from me either don’t worry, or pester me to post more!