This page links to other DC/Geek/Foodie blogs that I think are worth checking out:

Geek Sites:

DC Geeks – Fellow local geeks who host a calendar of events for Gaming, Cons and more!  They also have a DC Geeks blog that summarizes recent geek happenings.

Fashionably Geek – Clothes and accessories that totally dork you out.

Geeks are Sexy – Sexiness is second to the amazing articles this site posts.  They cover everything from science to gaming to nifty apparel and art in the geek domain.

Girly Geekdom – Although it has articles on only somewhat geeky things, it’s still good to see other female geeks banding together.

The Daily Rawr – This site features hand-drawn cartoons to express opinions on cartoons, games, and “all things cool”.


DC Foodies – A great source for upcoming food events and a lot of reviews of current and future restaurants in the District.

That’s Nerdalicious! – Shiny and tasty geek food.

Local Blogs:

ARLnow – An Arlington blog about news, construction, planning, and local events.

CityStream – Food and Events in the District.

DCist – Part of the ‘ist’ network, this website focuses on Washington, DC and all the nifty news that this city has to offer.

Ode Street Tribune – The local digs of this District Geek are purveyed by  a member of Racing Team Squadra Coppi.

Prince of Petworth – Fancy homes and ongoings in the Petworth area of DC.

Unsuck DC Metro – Anything and everything FAIL about WMATA.

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