Being Social: Thanksgiving Weekend!

21 Nov

via Phoenix News Times

Happy Thanksgiving!  There’s a ton to do, and free things to get if you’re not stuck indoors with family! For the weekend, I suggest using WaPo to see suggestions of things going on.  And please don’t go shopping on Thanksgiving Evening.  I support the boycott – employees need their time off, and as a past employee of Wal-Mart (the shame!) I know how hard they are worked during the holidays.

I apologize for the lack of updates – and will warn you now that I’ll be on a month-long hiatus starting the second week of December.  I’ll post updates until then, and will put up a reference guide for you to look for your own things to do while I’m out. Feel free to post here if you find anything interesting!  And don’t worry, I plan on returning with my old vigour intact!

Ongoing Geekdom:

  • Every Friday,at 7pm, the Black Cat holds weekly Dr. Who happy hours!! Watch one episode of Dr. Who & enjoy drink specials every Friday! /nerdchills. It’s free, and at the ‘Backstage’ venue.

Geek Look Ahead:


July 2013

August 2013

  • Otakon will be late this year: August 9 – 11, 2013 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD.

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