Being Social: the Weekend of 9.28.12

27 Sep

Hey! Yea you! This is the last weekend for checking out The Art of Video Games at the American Art Museum! Go see it NAO!  In addition, the late-night-Metro-savior, LivingSocial, is hosting a Craft Beer and Food Truck Festival, & there’s also a DC Green festival that features authors, leaders and educators hosting workshops, as well as films, organic food and drink and live music.  And for your vampire skin’s pleasure, this weekend the Arlington Planetarium is re-opening, and there will be an open house and tons of activities to celebrate it.

Beyond that, we have:



The Euronight 2012 Celebration will have lots of food, music, and activities to celebrate the European Union.  Few tickets remain, and they are $55 and up.  “Cocktail attire suggested. ”


Black Cat continues to be awesome, and has been holding weekly Dr. Who happy hours!! Watch one episode of Dr. Who & enjoy drink specials every Friday! /nerdchills.   It’s free, and at the ‘Backstage’ venue.  This week is Boom Town.



The controversial yet very poignant “Bully” Movie will be screened today and on October 6  at the Columbia Mall AMC Theatre. Tickets are $4. [Eventbrite]


The Crystal City Diamond Derby takes place in our race course designed and built in the center of an underground parking garage.  If you want to participate, you have to register.  Otherwise there are a ton of activities for viewers, besides just watching the race.  [PoP]



The Turkish Festival will be going on at Freedom Plaza. Celebrate Turkish art and culture with a variety of family-friendly activities, food, crafts and more. []


OMG PIE! PieFest 2012 — A Slice of Life will have so much PIE.  Admission is$15, but it might go toward charity or a memorial for the chick who was murdered at Lululemon in Georgetown. Bring your own pie and win prizes!  [PoP]

Ongoing Geekdom:

  • Every Friday,at 7pm, theBlack Cat holds weekly Dr. Who happy hours!! Watch one episode of Dr. Who & enjoy drink specials every Friday! /nerdchills.   It’s free, and at the ‘Backstage’ venue.
  • Through October 21st, the Maryland Renaissance Faire is back! A ways away, it is still epic awesome.  I’ll be going at least twice this  year.

Geek Look Ahead:



  • NekoCon is November 2-4.  Apparently it starts on the 2th.  I love the Japanese.
  • 9-11 November will be Anime USA here in the District. It’s by the zoo, so totally accessible. I’ve already pre-reg’d!
  • Crafty Bastards will be heldNov 10.  Tickets go on sale at the City Paper’s website on September 28. [DCist]


July 2013

August 2013

  • Otakon will be late this year: August 9 – 11, 2013 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD.

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