IPL4: Gamer Success, Vegas Fail – a preview

12 Apr

Gearfuse 8-bit Starcraft is also WIN

I survived IPL4!  Although it was in Vegas, I’m sad to say I neither drank nor gambled nor had any bad food or caffeine.  I was also still sick, though I’m mostly better now.  In other words, being in Vegas sucked because it was very un-Vegas-like.  Yet, it wasn’t as if I had much time to enjoy Vegas vices.  I spent my 14+ hour days in darkness, watching insanely good gamers battle it out on the big screen with thousands of other geeks.

Starcraft 2 Final Battle by nothingstranger on DA

My review is yet to be written, but until that time, we did put up a few great pictures of a zerg plushie I made with some famous zerg gamers.  Enjoy!

Kerrigian cosplay is also win. Click for the reddit thread and gallery. ^^


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