Being Social: the Weekend of 3.24.12

22 Mar
The National Cherry Blossom festival has begun, and the blossoms are already at peak!  If you haven’t seen them, they’re quite beautiful – light and airy pink, spotting the land like cotton candy.  You’ll find most of them at the Tidal Basin – that’s between the Jefferson and FDR memorials near the water.  I didn’t know this my first year in DC, and not only didn’t see any (I was looking on the mall) but I was next in line to be towed and barely squeaked out.  Lesson of the story: take Metro, even if it’s unreliable, they “say” there’s no track work on weekends while the festival is in progress.  Events are listed on their website; this weekend includes guided tours, a bike ride & cycle expo, and a symposium on the Japanese influence on American Crafts. And there’s an app!  Finally, and most exciting to me, a traditional Japanese Tea service/shop has been created, which offers lessons on the traditional tea ceremony! I really want to take those! /teadork
Other events this weekend include:
Ah, it’s that time again.  ShamrockFest returns, with its booze and youth infested debauchery.  If you’re into a lot of music, dancing, raucous and booze, good on ya!  It’s at the RFK Stadium Festival Grounds, and tickets are $25+ (you can find discounts online).


4 & 8pm
Huh? Mythbusters Live is in town?!  Why didn’t I know this sooner!! T__T  Sounds like Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage will be running a live Q&A, and demos at the Warner Theatre!  Tickets (if there are any left) are $50+. [WaPo]
Gadsby’s Tavern Museum will be hosting its 8th Annual Rum Punch Challenge. This features rum punches from local distilleries, restaurants, and caterers, along with Colonial-era food. Tickets are pricey, at $50 for food and punch or $100 for a pre-event VIP rum tasting. [theDistrict]

Ok, it's IPL not MLG, but it's still so geeky.

Major League Gaming is having their Winter Championship Finals this weekend.  Not only will it be streaming live, but to celebrate there will be another One Nation of Gamers’ Barcraft at Public Bar Tenley! Feel free to watch geeks cheer on robots and bugs as they fight each other for a prize purse worth $26,000!

Ongoing Geekdom:


Geek Look Ahead:

  • Video Games Live at Strathmore April 7: A live Orchestra performs geek music FTW!
  • Geek Day 2012 will be April 11-12, and features a ton of geeky/tech exhibits at the Washington Convention Center.
  • T-mode, an anime and gaming convention, will be April 20-22.



  • Anime Mid-Atlantic is a bit further away, but it’s another big Anime Convention, if you’re in need of some geek time! June 15-17
  • Bronycon will be in NYC (actually the Meadowlands) June 30-July1. I’ll be there, cosplaying it up! Note me if you want to room share, cosplay with me, or just meet up!
  • Otakon July 27-29: Become by friend now and we can split a room in this Baltimore-based anime extravaganza!





  • NekoCon is November 2-4.  Apparently it starts on the 2th.  I love the Japanese.

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