Weekly Geek Bit: Dial-up Internet is Entrancing

7 Mar

Hey, why not try a weekly segment other than events to try and get me to post on this blog again? I’ve just about finished over at Brony Magic, so expect more from me here again!

This week’s Geek Topic is dial-up internet.  Those ten years younger than me probably didn’t have to dial into the Internet… it was a pretty annoying process.  First, you had to pick a phone number for the modem to dial into – and some numbers would be full, so you’d have to try other numbers until you got ‘in’. Then, the computer played really annoying fax-like sounds as it dialed into the internet.  And then a bunch of static.  If you got the static, you were in.  And if you were like me, then America Online 2.0 would say “Welcome! You’ve Got Mail!”

Here’s dial-up, slowed down and almost not-annoying sounding.

And everything awesome that was AOL. In a song mash-up.

Do you remember dial-up? What was the worst part about America Online?

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