Being Social: the Weekend of 11.18.11

18 Nov

Anime USA will be running this weekend, providing a great chance to watch Anime, meet voice actors, and buy  a lot of cool Japanese stuff!  They will also host dances and bands such as BLOOD, Eien Strife, and Matenrou Opera!

The Sugarloaf Craft Festival has also come to town, and you can stock up on holiday gifts while staring at shinies all day.  It’s a bit of a hike to get there, but I will be checking it out on Saturday. Tickets are $7, but you can get a $1 off coupon online.

On a less geeky note, the InkFest convention will be at Nats park this weekend.  You can watch people with tattoos, watch people get inked, and, if slots allow, you could get inked yourself!  Tickets are $15 and up.

Otherwise, we have:




Want to win a spelling bee to pay for your bar tab?  Then try out the Rock and Roll Spelling Buzz!  Plus, $6 gets you a 16oz PBR and a Shot of crap whiskey till it’s over! Sign up starts at 6pm.



If you wanted winter to come early, there will be a taste of it at the outdoor skating rink on the National Mall!  The Sculpture Garden ice rink is opening for the season.  Tickets are $8, with a $3 rental.  (via WTOP radio)

(Photo by Simon Garbutt)


The National Geographic Society is currently showing treasures from the Anglo-Saxon times, ad this Saturday at 1pm they will team up with Earth Conservation Corps to have a falconry demonstration and workshop! I think it might be meant for kids, but birds of prey are badass enough for adults to see too.  The Hoard can be seen at the museum for $8 per person, but the falcons are free! (via the District)


The Capital Bacon and Beer Bash will be held at the National Harbor.  Unfortunately, tickets are $70, and I can make my own Bacon & Beer party for cheaper 😦 (via DCist)


Barcraft will again be held at Public Bar in Dupont Circle, this time airing Starcraft games from MLG Providence!  I’ll be there – stop by and buy me a drink 🙂  If you need a tutorial to watching Starcraft, try this.


Japanese Taiko drummers will be performing at GWU’s Lisner Auditorium.  Those things are so badass.  Tickets are $25-45.


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