Being Social: the Weekend of 11.04.11

4 Nov
This weekend at the DC Convention Center, the DC Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show will be going on! There are tons of guests, battles, tastings, and things to buy.  Admission is $25. (via The District.)  Also, if you happen to have 1337 nerd skillz, this weekend DC is having America’s Got Talent auditions.
’80s noise-punk band Scratch Acid will perform at the 9:30 Club. Tickets are $25. (via DCist)

If you want to be ninja Fawks, they do be on sale...

GUY FAWKES DAY! Dont do anything too tricksy, now
…except underwear racing! (via Metromix)
Wikipedia Loves Libraries! Help the DC Public Library to Edit and Wikify DC articles and historic documents from the librarys clutches.  Its a way to improve your skills and learn some crazy historical trivia about the region! (via Eventbrite)
…This is part of Digital Capital Week, which is meant to get bright minds together. It might be worth checking out all their offerings… there’s a ton!

...sure, it could be fun?!

Super Art Fight, a mashup of pro-wrestling and Pictionary, will be at the Red Palace. It may be the “Greatest Live Art Competition” you’ve ever seen. Tickets are $15.(via DCist)
Fall Back! You get to sleep in an extra hour today ❤
Also, this Thursday, Sting will be performing at DAR Constitution Hall at 8pm. Get your tickets now!

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