Being Social: the Weekend of 10.14.11

13 Oct

Apparently there was something to do last Sunday: the DC Rollergirls started their season! unfortunately, they won’t be playing again until November 5th. My apologies!This week we have two awesome things to celebrate: Bacon and wine! Bacon week is sadly only being hosted at one place: 3 Bar & Grill in Clarendon. Yet, there will be bacon martinis at bacon happy hours and an entire menu of baconDC wine week will include deals on wine, as well as tastings. It will also be supporting local wineries and merchants.   And don’t forget: Oktoberfest is still going strong (more places here), and there are only two weekends left for the RennFest.  Also for your enjoyment:



Tour the US Patent and Trademark office in Alexandria – get free stuff and watch mascots do silly things. This is also open 10-4 Saturday. (via theDistrict)

Mmmm.... beer....


Sir Terry Pratchett, OBE, will be speaking at the National Press Club to discuss his newest novel, “Snuff: A Novel of Discworld”! Tickets are $15. If you haven’t read Pratchett, do so NAO.


Midnight Madness. “Friday marks the first time college basketball teams can run organized practice for the upcoming season. (DCist)” I went to a school where sports weren’t top tier, and I don’t understand the big deal. Is this thing legit across the country, or is it just a DC area thing?

Um.... yay?



Feet on the Street– Michelle Obama’s continuing ‘get fit’ campaign, hosts a day of very odd activities, such as rock climbing, airbrush tattoos, and RIDES ON THE D. CHERRY PICKER. Don’t you just want to see the city from the top of a mechanical lift?


The Taste of Georgetown will be held at Wisconsin and M, and will feature a ‘pumpkin food fight’. Tickets will be sold at $5 each or 5 for $20. Drink tickets are slightly cheaper. (via WaPo)


There will be a DC Brony Meetup at the Southeast Neighborhood Library. If you like ponies, it should be fun and I’ll be there! If not, don’t hate. K thx.


11am (with celebrations starting at 8am)

Finally, the MLK memorial be officially dedicated! And the weather looks awesome! Woo!


If there wasn’t one last week, feel free to check out the DC Barcraft.  This weekend will be a StarCraft 2 Tournament for Major League Gaming, played in Orlando.  And I’m working on my writeup of last week’s, so keep an eye out for my personal view of this geeky spectator sport!


Duran Duran will be performing at DAR Constitution Hall. I’m a secondhand fan, and Ordinary World is first to pop into my head when I read this group’s name. Is this good or bad?


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