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Being Social: the Weekend of 10.21.11

21 Oct

This weekend Boo at the Zoo returns, showcasing costumes, decorations and tasty treats along with the usual creatures!  It’s at the National Zoo from 530-830pm, but if you don’t get $30 tickets, you’ll miss out! (via WaPo).  If you like costumes as much as me, you can also wear them any time this month to the Spy Museum, to get $5 off.  But of course, a certain bit of clothing must be worn to get the discount… or buy a DISGUISE KIT or ‘budget ninja costume’!

Joining Oktoberfest (more places here), there will be a Beer Festival at Bar Dupont which offers $20 pitchers (though the selection is only from four beers) and German food.  Alternatively, if you care for a ‘sophisticated’ drink you can attend this weekend’s Wine Riot at DAR Constitution Hall. Tickets are $60 or less, and I have heard that it is a fun way to try over 250 wines with the younger crowd.
Also, you have 2 days left to enjoy Bacon week at 3 Bar & Grill in Clarendon; and this is the final weekend for the RennFest.  Also this weekend are:
October 21
The Belly Horror Show will be at the Birchmere.  This is described as a cabaret showcasing a “sinisterly sensual smorgasbord of modern belly dance, vaudeville and burlesque, inspired by things that go bump in the night.” Tickets start at $29.50. [WTOP]
Wine Riot is a wine tasting geared toward beginners, and it comes with its own iPhone app so you can remember which ones you liked. Better yet, the wines are paired with foods from places like Luke’s Lobster, Cabot cheese and Taza Chocolate. [WaPo]
October 22
I can’t say I ‘endorse’ this, because there are no regulations on such things, but the DC Grey Market is back, and selling homemade tasty food products once more!  According to DCist, “growing in popularity, the allure of these foodie bazaars seems to be the fact that they operate under nebulous food licensing rules.” It will be ‘hidden’ in an apartment building located at 1365 Kennedy Street NW. The entrance fee is $2, but tickets can be purchased online to bypass predicted lines.
I’ll hopefully be participating in Run for Your Lives, a 5k, 12-obstacle race that includes zombies that eat your brains (ok, your flag belt).  Survive, and be rewarded, make it to the end with no brains, and you turn into a zombie.  Fail to go through all the obstacles and… well you fail, and are totally nommed.  Spectator passes may still be for sale, but registration for the event closed long ago.
For the undead lovers out there, one of many zombie walk / lurch things will be held in Silver Spring. Dress up as the worst zombie, and scare innocent bystanders!  Afterward AFI Silver Theatre will have a special screening of “Dead Snow” at 945pm, followed by Shaun of the Dead! [Metromix]
October 23
It’s Mole Day!  (Well, it’s the alternate to 6.10 since we didn’t have school in June).  Celebrate the creature and the measure of unit by doing something geeky, like baking.
The Tough Mudder race will also be held, since I seem to be on the fitness kick this week.  It’s known as a brutal 9 mile course that goes up a ski slope  (1250 feet), greased hills, tunnels and deep water to name a few.  It claims to “test toughness, fitness, strength, stamina, and mental grit all in one place and all in one day.”  My co-workers have said they trained years for this thing.  It makes the Zombie run seem tame… but then again, they aren’t worried about losing their brains.
Arlington’s Artisphere will be host to the semiannual DC Record Fair. It’s $5 if you want to get in early, or $2 from noon until close.
1-5pm, 7-11pm
Wine Riot continues!
The 2nd annual Home Brew Harvest will be held at American Ice Co. and will showcase DC-only beers!  A $10 donation is requested, and there is a homebrew workshop 3-4, with tastings beginning at 4.  [PoP]

Mario Cat, the Game

17 Oct

Ok, so this blog is looking more and more like a Mario blog.  There’s just so much awesome about this game that I’m finding.  But fear not! I’ll be finishing my IPL StarCraft 2 Tournament entry soon.  Meanwhile…

….amusing gamer/commentator tries playing through a Japanese game nicknamed ‘Mario Cat’.  This game has been out for years, but I hadn’t found it until today.   The entire game runthrough I was LOLing.  It’s epic. Please watch below (WARNING: lots of swearing ensues!).

I don’t know Japanese (though I want to learn!) so perhaps there were warnings on screen that he missed?

This reminds me of a guy commentating his battle through a hilarious mod to Mario World, where the level didn’t end after the flag… instead it was water and you’d drown if you didn’t land the right way or something…. which involved jumping off Yoshi… but I lost the video.  Does anyone know where it went?

Mario Madness

14 Oct

Daily What Geek today had two epic mario articles.  One is just win, and the other one makes me incredibly jealous of a graphic designer.

I heart Bowser.

I heart Bowser.

Although Space Invaders and Tetris blocks made of post-its have been around for decades, there has been a recent jump in window post-it murals.  Below is the most recent sighting in Seattle, which recreates THE ENTIRE WORLD 1-1.  Mario FTW ❤

Holy eff do want in my window <33

Secondly, Geek weding proposals (YouTube Link) are a weakness of mine, but this couple shelled out for anatomically-correct Nintendo cartridge wedding invites.  The invites feature Mario in a tux, standing with his princess outside the correct castle.

So cute. And just like the bonus mushroom house level!

Even the cards to indicate whether guests want beef or veggies are 8-bit (although there’s no option to add mushrooms).  More pix are at the TDWGeek site!
Squee! I’m such a Nintendork ❤

Being Social: the Weekend of 10.14.11

13 Oct

Apparently there was something to do last Sunday: the DC Rollergirls started their season! unfortunately, they won’t be playing again until November 5th. My apologies!This week we have two awesome things to celebrate: Bacon and wine! Bacon week is sadly only being hosted at one place: 3 Bar & Grill in Clarendon. Yet, there will be bacon martinis at bacon happy hours and an entire menu of baconDC wine week will include deals on wine, as well as tastings. It will also be supporting local wineries and merchants.   And don’t forget: Oktoberfest is still going strong (more places here), and there are only two weekends left for the RennFest.  Also for your enjoyment:



Tour the US Patent and Trademark office in Alexandria – get free stuff and watch mascots do silly things. This is also open 10-4 Saturday. (via theDistrict)

Mmmm.... beer....


Sir Terry Pratchett, OBE, will be speaking at the National Press Club to discuss his newest novel, “Snuff: A Novel of Discworld”! Tickets are $15. If you haven’t read Pratchett, do so NAO.


Midnight Madness. “Friday marks the first time college basketball teams can run organized practice for the upcoming season. (DCist)” I went to a school where sports weren’t top tier, and I don’t understand the big deal. Is this thing legit across the country, or is it just a DC area thing?

Um.... yay?



Feet on the Street– Michelle Obama’s continuing ‘get fit’ campaign, hosts a day of very odd activities, such as rock climbing, airbrush tattoos, and RIDES ON THE D. CHERRY PICKER. Don’t you just want to see the city from the top of a mechanical lift?


The Taste of Georgetown will be held at Wisconsin and M, and will feature a ‘pumpkin food fight’. Tickets will be sold at $5 each or 5 for $20. Drink tickets are slightly cheaper. (via WaPo)


There will be a DC Brony Meetup at the Southeast Neighborhood Library. If you like ponies, it should be fun and I’ll be there! If not, don’t hate. K thx.


11am (with celebrations starting at 8am)

Finally, the MLK memorial be officially dedicated! And the weather looks awesome! Woo!


If there wasn’t one last week, feel free to check out the DC Barcraft.  This weekend will be a StarCraft 2 Tournament for Major League Gaming, played in Orlando.  And I’m working on my writeup of last week’s, so keep an eye out for my personal view of this geeky spectator sport!


Duran Duran will be performing at DAR Constitution Hall. I’m a secondhand fan, and Ordinary World is first to pop into my head when I read this group’s name. Is this good or bad?

Being Social: the Weekend of 10.07.11

5 Oct

Happy Columbus Day!  It’s such a ninja holiday that everyone forgets about, but is a great excuse to take time off work.  I, personally, will be attending the IGN Pro Leagues video gaming tournament in Atlantic City this weekend!  StarCraft 2, Battlefield 3, Bloodline and League of Legends will be played, with many being shown to a live audience on the big screen! Commentators are being flown in for the games, and the entire tournament will be streamed online to your home and to various BarCrafts –  bars that will show the games to their patrons.  If you’re interested, the Sunday finals might be shown here in DC.  Keep an eye on the DC Barcraft Reddit.  Also, I plan to tweet my progress, so follow me @iSaunter.

If you’re in town for the long weekend, don’t forget that the RennFest is still going, and it’s Oktoberfest!  Also, for this weekend only, the Taste of DC and an Occupy D.C. protest will be taking place within a block of each other. Both are free to get in, but Taste’s food tickets start at $15. (via DCist)

He's watching...

Friday & Saturdays in October
Care for a Ghost Story Tour of Washington?  I crashed one last year, and my friend swore that the Ghost of Lincoln followed her home.  It has some good tales – please ask questions of the tour guides. They may be old and ornery, but they’re full of awesome trivia.

They all have attained Super Geek status

Dude.  Arlington Rocks.  At the Arlington central library, there will be a STAR WARS Cosplay Panel, hosting professional fully-costumed members of the local
Rebel Legion and 501st Legion.  For more information, call 703-228-5946. (via ArlNow)
Nerd Nite returns, this time at DC9.  These usually entail geeky lectures and discussion, though I have yet to attend one not for lack of wanting! If you go, let me know how it was!
I got nothing. Go to Barcraft, man!