Being Social: the Weekend of 09.23.11

22 Sep
I return, after a pretty crazy past month.  But now we can get back to weekly events update!
It’s the Autumnal Equinox Friday!  Set an egg on its top and enjoy the cooler weather.

(via Beer Tripper)

Autumn also means Oktoberfest: There will be literally hundreds of celebrations, so please don’t take my listings as inclusive, and if you find any that look great, please let me know!  This week’s highlight will be the Oktoberfest at Old Europe, which hosts a party reminiscent of one in Munich.   Beer can be purchased at $5 for a stein, $7 for a half liter and $13 for a liter. Their menu includes lots of wursts and other German specialties.  I think I may need to check this out.  Anyone?
If Oktoberfest wasn’t enough, keep in mind that the Ren Faire is still going on.  In addition, the National Book Festival will be held this weekend on the Mall.  This event hosts tons of authors (including graphic novelists!)  as well as sales, readings, autographs, and a ton of things to see and do.  Hopefully it isn’t rained out!  Finally, it’’ also DC Fashion Week, for those of you that care about higher beings’ clothes choices.

Euro-pean ahhahahah

Euro Night 2011 at the Embassy of France will occur, where all the European nations show off food, outfits, and music of their homelands.  Admission is $35 and it’s a bit out of the way, unless you are a Georgetown student ;P (Via Metromix)
Tour de Bierre will be held at the Wonderland Ballroom, Room 11, Red Rocks, Meridian Pint and the Getaway.  If you like draft New Belgium beers, you can get a beer passport, visit the checkpoints, and get a stamp when you order any New Belgium draft. If you catch them all, you could win fabulous prizes!  Or else, just enjoy the beer.  I don’t know all of these, but Meridian is meant to be pretty good.  I’d say it’s worth a venture! (via WaPo)

(via United Nations of Beer)

Das Best Oktoberfest at the National Harbor claims to be a blowout party.  Look for all the normal stuff, as well as a daily ‘Best Beer Belly’ competition and free beer if you dress the part.  Tickets range from $25-85.  Choose wisely. (via Metromix)
Yep, Blacktoberfest, held at the Navy Yards Park.  Apparently it was also held last year, but I don’t recall it being a big deal.  This year boasts more music and a Nats game after party.  Unfortunately, it’s also a pay-to-attend party with tickets costing $10-$30, while VIP passes are $40-$80 (looks totally not worth it).  (via Metromix)

Yes, I'm a football geek, too

Football is back, and a lot of bars are hosting happy hours. If you’re looking for a place to root your home team, there is a bar for every one!  The 51st State Tavern is great for NY teams such as the Giants and the Jets, and there is a small faction of Bills Fans in the upstairs bar.  My Bills buddies hang out at the Laughing ManBayou is host to Saints fans, and 49ers can meet at the Town Tavern in Adams Morgan, to name a few.  And if you’re unfortunate enough to be cheering the 2-0 Redskins, any bar in DC will have their games on.
Other than that, I have no idea what Sunday will bring.  Good speed!

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