Being Social: the Weekend of 08.26.11

26 Aug
Alexandria restaurant weekis ending. Grab some fancy chow before the storm.

(via Lauren PM)
Yep.  Another Michael Jackson Birthday celebration.  This one will be at the 9:30 club, and admission is $15. (via WaPo)
OMGOMG it’s Ren Faire season! From this weekend, lasting three months, every weekend there will be Renaissance awesome!  Drink mead, watch jousting and tease wenches mercilessly at the Maryland Renaissance Festival in Annapolis, Maryland.  Never mind that Hurricane Irene will be slamming them – this place is ‘open rain or shine’!
Columbia Heights Day Festival/ DC State Fair will “celebrate Celebrate the vibrant character of Columbia Heights with live entertainment, vendors, kids activities and community organizations.” (via WaPo)
The DC Anime Club is hosting “Cosplay day” at the Freer Gallery of Art – Smithsonian Institution. (via WaPo)
If you’re gonna be wet anyways, why not go to the International Bikini Team Contest at Broadland Sports Br & Grill in Ashburn. (via Metromix)
If you’re a Starcraft nerd, why not attend Public Tenley’s BarcraftDrink and cheer on MLG at the same time!
Irene has also ruined the plansto dedicate the Martin Luther King Memorial and will likely cause many sports events and concerts to be postponed as well.  If youre in DC, Dont Panic.  Were likely only going to get tropical storm-force winds and rain.  And if youre with Pepco, you’re going to lose power.  Yet, its not the end of the world, and will likely be less jarring than the East Coast Quake.  Just mind the chainsaw-wielding Metro bus drivers.


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