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A walk in Mario’s shoes

30 Aug

Mario World by Alexey Mikhaylov

Looks pretty awesome, eh?  This art by Alexey Mikhaylov sums up the next few weeks for me.  A ton to do, with lots of adventures, but maybe not much time to blog.  I’ll keep trying, but if you don’t hear from me either don’t worry, or pester me to post more!

Being Social: the Weekend of 08.26.11

26 Aug
Alexandria restaurant weekis ending. Grab some fancy chow before the storm.

(via Lauren PM)
Yep.  Another Michael Jackson Birthday celebration.  This one will be at the 9:30 club, and admission is $15. (via WaPo)
OMGOMG it’s Ren Faire season! From this weekend, lasting three months, every weekend there will be Renaissance awesome!  Drink mead, watch jousting and tease wenches mercilessly at the Maryland Renaissance Festival in Annapolis, Maryland.  Never mind that Hurricane Irene will be slamming them – this place is ‘open rain or shine’!
Columbia Heights Day Festival/ DC State Fair will “celebrate Celebrate the vibrant character of Columbia Heights with live entertainment, vendors, kids activities and community organizations.” (via WaPo)
The DC Anime Club is hosting “Cosplay day” at the Freer Gallery of Art – Smithsonian Institution. (via WaPo)
If you’re gonna be wet anyways, why not go to the International Bikini Team Contest at Broadland Sports Br & Grill in Ashburn. (via Metromix)
If you’re a Starcraft nerd, why not attend Public Tenley’s BarcraftDrink and cheer on MLG at the same time!
Irene has also ruined the plansto dedicate the Martin Luther King Memorial and will likely cause many sports events and concerts to be postponed as well.  If youre in DC, Dont Panic.  Were likely only going to get tropical storm-force winds and rain.  And if youre with Pepco, you’re going to lose power.  Yet, its not the end of the world, and will likely be less jarring than the East Coast Quake.  Just mind the chainsaw-wielding Metro bus drivers.


District [Sushi] Geek – Episode 2

25 Aug

Located on the Inner Harbor, Edo Sushi has a second-floor, panoramic full-window view of Baltimore’s central iconic landmark.  The Harbour itself is home to warships, water taxis, street performers, and the Baltimore Aquarium.  In the ring of land that forms the harbor, there are shops as well as many restaurants.  Most are chains, and some are better than others.  Edo Sushi is one such chain (though I believe it is limited to Maryland), and that is where I had dinner on Otakon Friday*.
The first impression always lasts, and I witnessed a few slip-ups.  First, I tried to enter the restaurant via the stairs facing the harbor. Apparently all the doors on that side of Edo are locked, and I had to cut through another restaurant to get into the walkway that led to Edo.  When I stepped inside and told the hostess about my booking, she flatly stated that they took no reservations on Otakon weekend.  Although I understand why they should and did do that, I called one month prior to Otakon to ask about reservations, and I was told that it was fine and was booked.  I called the week before Otakon and was reassured that my dinner time was set.  Despite this failure in communication, they had open tables and my friend and I were seated promptly.  Service continued to be shabby, with two separate waitresses asking us for drinks orders.  Said drinks took their sweet time in arriving.
There was no real décor, per se.  I vaguely remember some Japanese art, but the most Japanese thing about the restaurant were the sushi chef coats that the male wait staff wore (or it may have been the chefs, pulling double duty?).  The chopsticks were run of the mill, and the soy sauce was straight from the Kikoman bottle.  The menu was quite large, offering many surf and turf options, in additional to traditional sushi shop fare.  As my friend could only stay a short while, I passed on starters and ordered three sushi rolls.   As I enjoy trying the ‘locale specials’, I ordered the Chesapeake Roll (Lump crabmeat, fried oyster & cucumber with special sauce), as well as an Eel roll and a Yellowtail roll.  And of course I got a couple of fish egg nigiri with quail egg on top.  They’re so squishy and tasty!
The rolls came in two separate orders, and the most obvious issue with them was the size.  They were massive!  Each roll had to be two inches in diameter.  When I tried to pick up a section, I saw that the probable cause for its ginormity was because the roll was not packed at all.  Nearly every other roll fell apart, no matter how gently I tried to lift it.  They literally barely fit in my mouth, so most had to be eaten in parts.  For the Chesapeake, this was fine, as the fried oyster nested inside was the best part.  I would recommend that anyone going to Edo just get an order or two of them and forgo the sushi.  The crabmeat/rice mush left from the roll was then my second bite.  The rice itself had little flavor, and the wasabi was not very spicy.  The eel and yellowtail rolls tasted fine, but they, too were just very difficult to eat.
 edo sushi
I found no fault with my nigiri. It looks like the simple rolls may be fine to order as well.
In summary, I would not return to this chain.   Although the fried oysters were great, and I bet they do a mean crab cake, there are other seafood establishments in the Harbor that I’d rather try.
If you had a different impression of Edo Sushi, or know of a better place in Baltimore let me know!
I’ll be posting more reviews in the coming weeks, as Groupon has been quite kind to me.  Half price sushi is extra tasty!
*To be honest, I mistook Edo to be KonaGrill, a wonderful restaurant with good noodles and a dark, classy ambiance.  (It, too, is a chain and national to boot.)

Being Social: the Weekend of 08.19.11

18 Aug
This weekend signifies the end of DC Restaurant Week and the beginning of Alexandria Restaurant Week! Keep trying new venues, and let me know what you find!
Bikers will be back in town to honor 9/11 victims.  Of course, that means that there will be road closures Friday afternoon.  Check WTOP for the latest and try to avoid (or watch) the 15 mile stretch of hog movement.

via Focus on the Beer

To continue DC Beer week, Rhode Island’s Trinity Brewhouse will be featured at the Capitol Longue.
Um.  How about a Balsamic vinegar tasting party? You must pre-register and pay $25 but who knows.  It sounds pretty crazy. (via WaPo)
Finally, the time of Hop Fu is upon us!  It’s free, and at the SI Freer Gallery.

via Pulpfactor

Want Zombies? Survive Alexandria is back.  It’s a massive tag game, involving survival kits, parkour and, of course, the undead. (Apparently this year’s virus was spawned by Justin Bieber.)  It’s $25 and attendance does have a cap, so check it out now if you want to participate!* (via Metromix)
There will be a Cambodian Day festival at Ben Brenman park in Alexandria.  To be honest, I have no idea what Cambodia is all about, so it might be fun to get some exposure there.
Not that I like hip-hop, but the U Street corridor has had a lot of development, and a bar crawl down U Street may be the best way to find new haunts.  Admission is only $5 for a pass for six bar entries and food and drink specials.
Also, heads up! The MLK memorial is set to be dedicated next weekend, so the tourists will be en masse once again!  Events start Monday, and a full schedule can be found on

via Pulpfactor

*If you want a longer race type of zombie encounter, I am toying with participating in Run For Your Lives, an obstacle race with zombies on October 22nd outside of Baltimore.  Let me know if youd like to go too!

DistrictGeek’s post-Otakon Report 2011, Part II!

16 Aug

And now, part two of my Otakon 2011 venture! (Otakon 2011 Part I is here)



Brookshire suites has a Shark Mascot and a free buffet breakfast which drew me in.  After our impromptu photo shoot, I wolfed down some grease and spent the day in my Gatomon (Digimon) costume.  Predictably, the first thing I did back at the con was to queue once more.  This time it was for a Baby, The Stars Shine Bright (BTSSB) and Alice and the Pirates fashion show, which featured Japanese Lolita fashion.  I met more local Lolis there, and they convinced me that Lolita is a branch of costuming that I would like to venture down.

I then made time in my schedule to visit the dealers hall by skipping the showing of Trigun: Badlands Rumble.  Afterwards, I joined in a fur-meet (to show off my catgirl outfit) and visited a Lolita clothing swap.  It was at that point that I realized I hadn’t eaten in eight hours.  I dashed off to my hotel for a bite and then it was back to queue for the US Premiere of Fullmetal Alchemist: the Sacred Star of Milos.  In contrast to Shamballa, this movie was exciting, fit well with FMA: Brotherhood, and cued a lot of insane cheering when certain well-loved characters appeared.  The action, though repetitive (and becoming a lot like Harry Potter) was exciting and gory.  I would highly recommend seeing it when Funimation releases it to US theatres.

(For those interested, a good SPOILER-full review of Otakon FMA Milos is here.)

The Masquerade literally fills the lower level of Baltimore’s sports arena as costumed otaku hold their talent show.  This event can be awesome, but also sometimes awful.  Hence, I allowed it to pass without me.  Instead I decided to hit the rave again.
At 10pm I queued for a Midnight Burlesque show.  It was a packed house; the combination of anime cosplay and a peep show was distinctive and worth the wait.
The final morning of Otakon always has a bit of a slower pace, and the halls are lined with people wanting hugs.  There are still panels and a replay of the Anime Music Video contest, but I managed to miss everything either because the venue was full (damn thinking I didn’t need to queue Sunday!) and picking up my art from the show.  I sold 6 of 9 pieces, at a net loss of $10, but I found it an educational experience for my first entry.  I then got sucked into the art auction, where the most successful pieces in the art show were sold.  To the chagrin of many competing otaku, I kept my hand up for one piece.  Now, I have a Catbus Sleeping on telephone wires above my bed.


I made my way out at 1pm, with the auction still in full swing.  It’s always a bit of a downer to go, but as I looked back at all that I saw and did, all who I met and how much money I spent, and I was content.  I did all I wanted to and started some great friendships which I hope will continue.  One unique thing about conventions is that even if you only ever see your con buddies the following year, you still know that you’ll have some great people to hang out with next time.  In the meantime, the interwebz is always here.

Being Social: the Weekend of 08.12.11

12 Aug


Mainly due to DCist’s awesome graphic, I’m linking to voting on the name of the Farragut virtual Metro tunnel crossing.  On the topic of oxen and game, through Sunday, the Arlington County Fair will be held at the Thomas Jefferson County Center.  The competitive exhibits cover a wide range of foods and crafts, including hotly-contested vegetable competitions.  (via the Ode Street Tribune)

11am – 11pm
Truckeroo returns to the Navy Yard Metro, showcasing a plethora of local food trucks and extended hours. Let the gluttony begin!
Another local brewery, 3 Stars, is tapping its first casks of BW Rye, “a dry-hopped ale with spicy rye” at Meridian Pint tonight. (via WaPo)

B&K’s Egyptian Kings and Queens Party on Friday August 12th at Rio’s Nightclub.  I have no idea how fun it will be, but they say to come in costume.  Could be some epic people watching!  Metromix has details on a discount RSVP admission.

The Alexandria Irish Festival appears to celebrate the half year point to St. Patrick’s Day by having parades, dance troupes and beer.  This street festival will be held at the Waterfront Park in Alexandria. (via WaPo)
If you want an overdose of opinionated loose women, there will be a Slut Walk on the National Mall.  Allegedly it’s meant to raise awareness to “Rape Culture and Victim Bashing”. (via Metromix)
One of my hometown favourites, the Great Lakes Brewing Company is starting to become popular in DC!  Have a taste at Churchkey!

Get your geek out! DC9 will be hosting a Nerd Nite lecture. Admission is $10, though.

This is the start of DC beer week, so expect a ton of events during the week. Most can be found at Metromix and .

(via YoursForGoodFermentables)


Go on a Craft Beer Cruise , where two dozen beers will keep you company.


Sail some Heavy Seas at the Iron Horse!


Meridian Pint continues its awesome with a beer and cheeses tasting.

Finally, starting Monday, it will also be DC Restaurant Week! Hundreds of restaurants have cheap fixed-price 3 course menus to choose from. Please go to at least one – it’s a great way to check out places near you, as well as to explore new and exotic cuisine!

DistrictGeek’s post-Otakon Report 2011

11 Aug
Otakon 2011

Time to Tofu Race!

Otakon’s attendance this year was 31,348. Though not as big as ComicCon, this event is pretty intense, if not overwhelming for the uninitiated. Otakon is an anime convention named after Otaku, the geeks that love anime. And there are tens of thousands that show up to this con every year, taking over the Baltimore Convention Center, the 1stMariner Arena, the Inner Harbour, and all hotels within at least fifteen minutes’ travel. Most attendees dress up, either in costumes of their favourite characters or memes. It’s Halloween with a Japanese flair. There are always a sea of coloured wigs and men(*1) and women dressed in skimpy schoolgirl skirts. Though some buy their outfits, I am one of the many at con that enjoys both making and wearing costumes:

Ahhah, it's me, DistrictGeek!

The con is so huge that you can’t nearly begin to do everything you want. Instead, it is quite typical to queue for an hour before any major event that you wish to see. Compounding this issue is the fact that the schedule only comes out a week or two before the convention (owing to the epic scheduling done to fit hundreds of events into only three days). It goes viral as soon as it’s released: a massive offering of anime, fashion shows, panels, workshops, autograph sessions and concerts. But that’s not all! The Dealers Hall and Artist Alley are both the size of aircraft hangars, and they take hours to peruse. Add in photo shoots for all the epic group pictures of themed costumes, and your schedule is so full that eating and sleeping can be easily forgotten(*2).

I left for Otakon with a handwritten, double-sided schedule in hand. There were room for edits and additions. I knew what I wanted to do, but had no idea if I could get it all in. Here is how I fared:

(this isn't mine, dur)


Though commonly only used for those coming early to pre-register the night before the con, this year Otakon hosted a Matsuri street festival. I wanted to go but I worked Thursday, which made it nigh impossible to fight through rush hour and get there in time. From all accounts it had cosplay and food and awesome, and I plan to check it out next year.

Photo Shoot!


Registration began at 8am. I got up early, planning to arrive around 9, even though my first Group photo shoot (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) was at 10. This was cutting it extremely tight, as depending on your luck the registration line could take hours, not to mention that the path was wide open to the sweltering summer sun. I was insanely lucky and was able to walk right up to the reg, get my badge, and catch the tail end of the photo shoot. Then I ran over to the Brony (MLP: FIM) meetup and hung out with a bunch dudes (and a few chicks) who love My Little Pony.

Dash's whup-ass!

Costumes, stickers and songs abounded. However, I knew my schedule was packed and darted down to submit some pieces I painted to the Art show, where Otaku bid on pieces by artists who may not necessarily have had an actual table in the Artist Alley. I quickly perused one lane of the Alley, and by then my hotel room was ready. I got a Brookshire Suite, which, though a few blocks from the Convention Center, was across the street from the outdoor fountains, a hub for photo shoots in the evening when it was cooler out.

I had a quick bite and returned to queue an hour for the Sixh fashion show.Sixh is an H.Naoto clothing line, focusing on Japanese punk and Gothic Lolita style. I happened to sit next to Youko Sunshine, an amazing model who has been to so many con fashion shows that she’s been barred from participating in any more in the US. Though unfortunate for her, she was willing to throw my name into the hat, as I had applied to be a model but did not succeed this year. The show itself was fun and enlightening; it was a great way to see how Gothic fashion is evolving in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Goths clap?!

By this time I had missed a travel-to-Japan panel and the Reddit meetup, but I didn’t feel that they were top priority. I did a more thorough run-through of Artist Alley, and then met an old high school friend for sushi (Edo Sushi meal review here) before going back to the queue – this time for the Ultimate Lolita fashion show. It may not be the Ultimate, but this show is always great, as it displays many local and self-starting Lolita designers, not to mention that and the amount of clothing is much higher than that of the professional shows at Otakon. It inspired me to try and make a Victorian Pirate outfit for this year’s Renaissance Festival, so we shall see if I can get it done in time!

So ... frilly ...

While in queue and at the second fashion show, I missed a screening of member-created Anime Music Videos, the Thundercats Premiere on the Hub, the Chemistry concert and a Digimon photo shoot. But there was still one thing that I wanted to do: the Otaku Rave. Yes. Otaku. Rave. Because many of the anime fans fit in to the jailbait category, there were masses of teens clad in neon, rainbows, fur boot covers and glowsticks. The music was great to begin, but at midnight a girl in a long teal wig came in and tried to play anime songs. No one was amused, and there was no beat. It was a mass exodus.


… To be continued Tuesday!

*1 – Picture by Bluebell-Ren at Deviant Art

*2 – Food is easy to come by, but time is not.  After a few years, I found that having sandwich fixins at the hotel, and carrying fruit, a power bar and 5 hour energy drink is the way to go.  Every time I went to my hotel room, I made sure to eat.  Still, it wasn’t often.