All That

6 Jul

The Daily What made me aware of the resurgence of something that completely brainwashed me as a child: Nickelodeon.  Specifically, the insanely awesome lineup of shows on in the 90’s.  I wanted to be Clarissa (or more specifically, Jade, her alter ego).  I tried not to say ‘I don’t know’ or ‘water’, thinking “You can’t do that on television“.  I idolized Marc Summers.   Are You Afraid of the Dark made me want to form my own Midnight Society.

Now, it appears that Kenan Thompson, the Nick star that made it to Saturday Night Live, is going to be a host of some late night nostalgia on Teen Nick.

It makes me want to see if  Legends of the Hidden Temple players really had GUTS. Because, honestly, stuff like that show is still good for modern-day cosplay.

C'mon. It's a great idea, admit it.

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