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Being Social: the Weekend of 07.29.11‏

28 Jul

Really, you shouldn’t be doing anything other than going to Otakon this weekend if you live anywhere near DC or Baltimore.  And if you’re coming into town for this con, let me know!  I’ve been prepping for this con for the past couple of weeks, hence the lack of posts.  I’ll try and do more soon, including a recap of the con!

Otakon 2011

This year's theme: NASCAR?

(For the unaware, Otakon is a Convention of the Otaku generation, aka MASSIVE ANIME GATHERING. This consists of screenings of anime, panels on every interest imaginable, costumes, contests, and tons of stuff to buy.  There will likely be around 30,000anime fans in Baltimore for this, and it centers around the Convention Center, though Otaku also take over 1st Mariner Arena and the Inner Harbour with their festivities.  Even if you don’t buy a ticket to enter the convention center, just walking around near this place will be sure to yield a ton of costumed anime geeks.)
For those of you unable to attend, there isn’t much going on in DC. Here’s what I found:

July 30


Hipster Camp at the Capitol Skyline hotelIf you ever wanted to say you’re trendy, go for a bout of immersion at this really strange pool party. Maybe youll find something you were a fan of for years before it was cool.  Yeah. (via WaPo)


Rockstar Mayhem Festival at Jiffy Lube Live will feature Disturbed, Godsmack, Megadeath, Machine Head, In Flames, Trivium and more. Woohoo \m/   (via WaPo)


Manchester United vs. FC Barcelona at FedEx Field. If you wanted to see European soccer without the danger involved in massive fan rivalries, youve got a chance in Landover, Maryland this weekend.  (via WaPo)


July 31


You may not have heard of the Washington Kastles, a really odd celebrity tennis team, but at their stadium
this weekend there will be a Celebrity Soccer Challenge.  Check the website to see if you know anyone playing.  And even if you don’t, it’s for charity, right?  (via WaPo)


Like I said, I didn’t find much to do. Your last option is to see Dolly Parton in concert at Wolf Trap. Yee-hah!


Being Social: the Weekend of 07.15.11

14 Jul
Woohoo! If you like savory, rich dishes that go well with beer, you’ll want to partake in Belgian Restaurant Week, which starts Friday! Also this weekend, we have:
July 15
10am & 3pm
If you love treasure hunts and delicious foods, Roadside Food Projects will be foraging for edible plants along Mt. Pleasant streets. For the afterparty, The Gibson will have Foraged cocktails from 7 to 9:30 PM. Tickets are $15 for the tour and $60 for the cocktail event. (via Washingtonian)
Truckeroo II will again be held at the Navy Yard, this time with extended hours.  If it’s anything like last month’s, there will be no food by the time dinner rolls around, though they should still have live music and beer.  Admission is free, and I recommend the PORC truck.
830 to 1130pm
Those Dandies & Quaintrelles are up to no good again, this time going on a White Night Full Moon Outing.  A pack-your-own picnic will take place afterwards. The event is free, but riders must register. (via Washingtonian)
July 16
There’s not much going on, but the guys that are doing the city foraging are also having a Farm-to-Street party on Saturday.  Of course, you have to pay to get in, so it kind of doesn’t do it for me.
July 17
If you’re not geek enough to see Harry Potter at midnight tonight, or Friday night… or Saturday night… the crazy WAKA guys bought out a theatre and you can join the viewing party.  You get 2 beers and will watch the movie with the DC Kickball peeps if you care to join. (via Metromix)
Thrift store blogger Quarter Life is vintage hosting a pop-up shop at the Dunes. Pretty People owner Annie Lee will be bringing along some of the boutique’s merchandise. Drinks will be available for purchase at the bar! (via Washingtonian)

Embrace Your Geekness Day?

13 Jul

….is apparently today.

It’s totally un-geeky, in that it is a copyrighted holiday created by Wellcat Holidays to “celebrate life and its many quirky moments”.  Ugh.  Is a copyrighted holiday even legal to celebrate? And how does this differ from Geek Pride Day, which is, to my knowledge, not copyrighted?

Towel Day is geeky, May the 4th is geeky. International Talk Like a Pirate Day is completely nerdy.  Why today? Why copyright it? I’ll take a cult holiday over this one every time.

Or am I missing something?

#FAIL, Wellcat.  #FAIL.

Being Social: Thursday Antics

12 Jul
Wtf, apparently Thursday this week is the party night:

Oui, oui!

 The major party of the night is the French Bastille day, which gives DC an excuse to party thanks to its French rootsDC’s Metromix came through once more, with a pretty long list of parties that you can attend.  Most involve booze, French maids, and dancing.
And if drinking with wild, dangerous animals is more of your thing, again this year FONZ is hosting a Brew at the National Zoo from 6-9pm.  Tickets are $65 and they will sell out, so pick them up now if you’re interested (and invite me)!

Being Social: the Weekend of 07.08.11

8 Jul

This guy is totally going derpy...

There will be no lack of chick watching this weekend,  as there will be Miss DC interviews Friday, and on Saturday there will be Red Rocker tryouts as well as what I’m sure will be a massive, wild crowd at the auditions for America’s Next Top Model at the Pentagon City Mall.  Be sure to check the bars around town, as those rejected by Tyra will be sure to be wanting consolation.

If you’re more into ninjas than chicks, the Freer Museum of Asian art is hosting its Sixteenth Annual Made in Hong Kong Film Festival. Watch epic Martial Arts films such as Hop Fu (yes, Hip Hop Kung Fu), the original Drunken Master and other foreign titles! This weekend will be screening Bodyguards and Assassins. (via DCist)

Bruce Lee say watch now!

Speaking of movies, the Capital Fringe Festival returns tonight for its seventh year, showcasing more than 2,000 artists in 100 different productions – and they’re kicking off the festivities with a free party. Attendees will enjoy live music by Alma Tropicalia and Elikeh under the Baldacchino Gypsy Tent. For full coverage, theWashingtonian has a guide to the festival’s can’t-miss performances. (via Washingtonian)
Finally, it is the last weekend to stop by the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the Mall.
Besides that, we have the following:

His Holiness the First

July 9
His Holiness the Dalai Lama is in town for the week, and he’s kicking it of right by giving a “Talk for World Peace” on the West Lawn of the Capitol.  I think it’s his birthday this week, too, so maybe there will be cake?  This event is free but get there early – I’m sure there will be a massive crowd.  And if you miss this, His Holiness will also be holding a “Kalachakra for World Peace” at the Verizon Center 6th-16th.
Hunt DC, yet another massive city scavenger hunt, will unfold.  According to Metromix, should you choose to participate, youll have to to solve clues, crunch mind bending riddles and plot your game winning strategy. And then eat pizza at the afterparty.

Faaancy ❤

July 10
The 57th Summer Fancy Food Show will be held at the Downtown Convention Center!  This is allegedly the largest marketplace for specialty foods and beverages in North America, featuring food artisans and entrepreneurs from 80 countries and regions.  Some things you may find include flowing spices, confections, teas, vinegars, oils, cheese, yogurts, natural products, and ethnic dishes. Tickets ($35 before July 8, $60 after July 8 ) can be purchased at the event Web site. (Via Washingtonian)

Also, keep honing your Angry Birds skills! On July 14 there will be an Angry Birds game tournament in Crystal City!

All That

6 Jul

The Daily What made me aware of the resurgence of something that completely brainwashed me as a child: Nickelodeon.  Specifically, the insanely awesome lineup of shows on in the 90’s.  I wanted to be Clarissa (or more specifically, Jade, her alter ego).  I tried not to say ‘I don’t know’ or ‘water’, thinking “You can’t do that on television“.  I idolized Marc Summers.   Are You Afraid of the Dark made me want to form my own Midnight Society.

Now, it appears that Kenan Thompson, the Nick star that made it to Saturday Night Live, is going to be a host of some late night nostalgia on Teen Nick.

It makes me want to see if  Legends of the Hidden Temple players really had GUTS. Because, honestly, stuff like that show is still good for modern-day cosplay.

C'mon. It's a great idea, admit it.

Being Social: the Weekend of 07.01.11

1 Jul

Don't you wish you were this cool?

Starting this weekend, the Smithsonian Folklife festival on the National Mall will exhibit the power of words in African American culture, music in Latino America, and the rich culture of Wales.  It is free and is every day from 11 am to 5:30 pm from June 30-July 4 and July 7-11.

July 2

2 pm- 10 pm
The over-hyped Uncle Sam Jam at the National Harbour is $15, and as with all massive parties, it’ll have food and booze to buy, and music acts such as The Wailers, Blind Melon, and some crazy group called Lethal Peanut.
The Red White and Booze party at the Town Tavern in Adams Morgan sounds a bit more exciting . There’s an ope bar for 8-9 if you pre-register, and if not, there’s still $3 domestic bottles and patriotic Budweiser tall boy cans, $4 mixed rails, $5 Sam Adams and American flag jello shots!  Woohoo!  (via Metromix)

July 3

5 pm- 1 am
The Independence Day Burger Bash at Policy may be the most anticipated event this Fourth of July weekend.   This all night party will include $5 burgers with allegedly 10 toppings to choose from, as well as $3 PBR, $4 domestics and spiked root beer (yum?!) (via Metromix)

2 pm
The $20 National FreedomFest, which, according to Metromix  is a two-day music extravaganza, returns with a powerful lineup and a brand-new venue: the recently completed Yards Park on DC’s riverfront. The all-American party will feature 40+ Bands and DJs on 5 stages, including the Dirty Heads and Yolanda Be Cool.

July 4

DC has a tradition of  hosting zillions of parties, so just Google where you want to go and there will be a ton to do  and eat. Here are the highlights:

Yeah, fifes!

10 am – 2 pm
The National Archives Fourth of July Celebration will be on the Constitution Avenue steps of the National Archives Building.  There will be a performance by the Fife and Drum Corps and a dramatic reading of the Declaration by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin from 10-11am. (via Metromix)


Mondays always have an Organ recital at the National Cathedral.  Since it’s on Independence day, this one looks to be a little more special, hosting will also feature the Washington Symphonic Brass and the US Navy Sea Chanters and it will include the 1812 Overture!  If you can’t make it, it will be webcast as well!  Woohoho!

The National Independence Day Parade down Constitution begins.  Get there early to get a good view!  I recommend also camping near a public building so you can cool down if need be.

2 pm
The National FreedomFest continues.

Independance Grillin’ w/DC BRAU begins – Load up or $4 DC-brewed ale and eat burgers while listening to “the music for an Independent Nation”.  (Via Washingtonian)

A Capitol Fourth Concert.  Though seating starts at 3pm, you have to be crazy to picnic there just to get a front row view of this televised concert, which is hosted annually on the lawn of the Capitol (it’s a lot better to watch on PBS – no people, bad weather, nor nightmare exodus afterwards).  The lineup includes Steve Martin, Josh Groban, Jordin Sparks, Little Richard, “Glee” star Matthew Morrison and the National Symphony Orchestra.  (When I went six years ago, Elmo was there!)

The concert ends with Fireworks at the National Mall, which can be seen from anywhere on the mall, on high buildings, or on the Virginia banks of the Potomac.

Costumes may or may not be encouraged, but...

Also, start honing your Angry Birds skills! On July 14 there will be an Angry Birds game tournament in Crystal City!