Being Social: the Weekend of 06.03.11

2 Jun

Yes, it’s june, which means that it’s the last weekend to see Gauguin at the National Gallery of Art!  It’s also the beginning of the annual Capital Pride Celebration, so get your rainbows on and find something gay to do!  Also going on this weekend are:



June 3

National Doughnut Day!  Stop by a  Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts for a free Doughnut!

11am – 9pm

Truckeroo at the Navy Yard Metro – Holy crap, food trucks!  If you have ever wanted to try food trucks, this is a freaking porno of food trucks.  GO.  AND EAT MUCHLY.

June 4


Jazz at the Phillips Collection


DC Record Fair – A crazy LP selling/exchange/party at Uncapped Live at U Street/Cardozo.


If you didn’t hear the story about dancing protesters at the Lincoln Memorial last week, then you may not care that there is a massive flash mob that will form at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial this weekend.  But if you do want to watch/participate in this display of public protest, now’s the time!  According to Metromix, the purpose of the flashmob is to peacefully draw attention to and defy a recent U.S. Court of Appeals ruling that dancing, even silently, is forbidden at memorials because it distracts from the “solemn commemoration” at such sites.


The Seersucker Social, hosted by the Dandies & Quaintrelles (who also did the Tweed Ride).  According to WaPo, this will be a fashion show on wheels. The after-party at Hillwood includes tasty beverages, games and live music, but you need to buy tickets if you want to party!


NINJA WARRIOR at Urban Evolution Gym.  Okay, it’s not the real Sasuke.  But it’s gonna be a ton of people making asses of themselves while trying to do ridiculous feats of strength and acrobatics.  If you haven’t seen Ninja Warrior on G4/Spike TV, you need to watch a marathon on YouTube, and then go to this event.  It’s a true Japanese cultural experience.

June 5


Tastes of Africa in Silver Spring.  According to WaPo, there will be dishes from more than 40 African countries at this family event.  There are also art shows, three fashion shows with designs from Ethiopia, the Ivory Coast and Cameroon and traditional and modern dance performances.




2 Responses to “Being Social: the Weekend of 06.03.11”

  1. DC Geeks 3 June 2011 at 7:51 am #

    awesome review. We added a few of these items to our calendars. Thank you for the heads up.

  2. isaunter 3 June 2011 at 9:24 am #

    Glad to oblige 🙂

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