Metro Opens…Shop?

23 May

...really? We'd wear this?

Oh, this has to be a joke.  The DC WMATA has renewed and re-opened their online gift shop which includes doozies such as this shirt boasting a laughable motto.
  • Safe? Not always.
  • Reliable?  Definitely not.
  • Effective?  When time to destination and cost aren’t an issue, sure they can have that one.
  • Mobile?  Really, WMATA?  You think that you need to state that a fleet of trains and busses are mobile?  They must be desperate.
I mean, I am a Metro commuter myself and I’m thankful I have rides to anywhere in the DC area.  I can’t handle the stress of driving the beltway, so the little stresses of the Metro system are quite acceptable to me.  But still.  That catchphrase is a pie- in-the-sky dream.  The gift shop really should have stuck to the basics, like travel coffee mugs (even though eating and drinking on WMATA is prohibited) or “writing instruments“, not putting a unfulfilled dream on a shirt or using the Metro logo to defile a Swiss watch.
Would you buy anything from here? Or is this just a good idea gone horribly wrong?

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