Tablet Fever!

9 May

I just got my iPad2, and will be sure to post a review on it once I play around a bit.  I’ll be posting reviews of apps, software, and accessories as I purchase them, too!  In the meantime, I’ll share this article I saw on gamesradar:

“Sony unveiled the two ‘PlayStation Certified’ tablets at an event in Japan last night. Running on Android 3.0, both tablets are scheduled for release in the fall of this year. The first device, codenamed S1, features a 9.4-inch display, while the other hosts two separate 5.5 inch displays and a closeable clamshell formfactor. The S1 is designed for home use, while the S2 is for more mobile-minded consumers.  Both tablets will receive what Sony calls “high quality first generation PlayStation titles”,” which gamesradar believes will be just PS1 games.I am a fan of PS1 mainly because it’s the one I grew up on.  I only played a few PS2 titles, so I think the old titles would be ok with me, but for the mainstream audience, it seems like Sony needs to be more forward-thinking and begin to make new titles for these tablets, or at least find a compatible clone of PS3 titles for these tablets.  The Nintendo DS, for example, has a massive games market and online content which make it thrive as a portable gaming platform.

There are an abundance of tablets on the market now, and it will be very interesting to see what brands will make it out of this decade intact.  I opted for the iPad mainly because of the app store and the ability to use it with the apps as an art tablet (although there is no pressure sensitivity yet).  I had a mac as my first laptop, and I loved it, but it is getting to be obsolete and needed to be replaced.  I have my eye on the ThinkGeek bluetooth keyboard, so that this new and trendy tablet will also double as a travel laptop for me.

Do you have a tablet? What are its pros and cons? Which are the forerunners right now?

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