Hoodie WIN /FashionWeek

3 May

I am a massive fan of hoodies.  I think most of it is because I grew up in the Frozen North, but they’re also comfy and great for days where it’s hot outside and cold inside (yes, AC sucks).  Zip up hoodies are the best, as you don’t have to mess with pulling it up over your head like a hockey sweater and then have to straighten the bottom out once it’s on.

Thinkgeek.com is my favourite geek place to shop (and I do have a wish list there if any of you are so kind!).  They literally have almost anything, although some things do come in and out of stock.  From bacon to caffeine, from bags of holding to geek cookbooks, this place always has way too many shinies.  Today’s geek fashion is the Portal Test Candidate Hoodie!

Who doesn't want a portal coming out of half of your sweatshirt?

It’s soft cotton and the zipper pull is a silver-colored 2D Companion Cube!  And if this item doesn’t suit you, there are more Portal goodies on the ThinkGeek site.

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