Review: That 80’s Prom 4 – Back to 1985

18 Apr

I did indeed attend That 80’s Prom Party (Warning: Sound) on Saturday night.  It was a great time and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the 8o’s.

The theme was Prom, and even before entering Blackfinn DC, I began to see girls in taffeta and neon walking the sidewalks.  And ‘lo and behold! Next to the entrance was a DeLorean! It turns out that a local named David brought his baby out for the party.  I was impressed.  They really did go all out.

This man has one sick ride.

This is serial number 2230, and it is in great condition.  She has 20k miles on her, and has only a few things that David wants to upgrade, such as LED’s on the door, adding a HAM radio to the back window grate, and putting in a brake light in the center rear.  I was surprised to learn that DeLoreans are automatic, and very low riding.  Also, the doors really are odd.  They had leather pull-down straps attached to the handles for people like me who don’t have a massive wingspan.  Also, when I got out of the vehicle, the corners of the door still nearly hit my head, and I’m 5’6″.  I can see why these doors didn’t catch on, even though they do look wicked impressive when deployed.

Whats hotter: me in 80s gear, or Davids ride? I vote the car.

As soon as I entered Blackfinn, I felt like they really did throw us back to the 80’s.  There were cardboard Pac-Men and Rubik’s Cubes hanging from the ceiling, along with the stereotypical balloon archway that proms always seem to have. (Was there a point to those things?  By the end, it was floating on the ceiling anyways…)  Almost everyone there was in costume, including the wait staff.  Neon hues and tight clothes dominated.  The Back to the Future series was playing on multiple screens.  On the other screens ran music videos from the 80’s.  I was hooked on those, and they provided the music when the Hair Band wasn’t playing.

...they werent that good, but looked pretty hot.

To be honest, I liked listening to and watching the music videos more.  They were all great, bringing back memories of Madonna, David Bowie, Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode, Whitney Houston… so many great artists with big hair.  People danced, sang, and imbibed.  And to top off the Prom theme, Blackfinn had its hosts act as chaperones: they served us drinks, asked how we were doing throughout the night, and even handed out towels to us in the bathroom!  It felt like we were in a VIP booth.  I loved it.  This is definitely worth checking out next year if you missed out, and I thank Lindy Promotions for planning it!


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