Being Social: The Weekend of 4.15.11

14 Apr

To Do This Weekend- Vote Before Sunday:

The Smithsonian American Art Museum will host “The Art of Video Games” exhibit next year!  According to their website, the exhibit will explore the 40-year evolution of video games as an artistic medium, with a focus on striking visual effects, the creative use of new technologies, and the most influential artists and designers. And in honour of gamers’ competitive spirits, you have until April 17th to vote for your favourite art in games by going to their website.  Allegedly, the winners of the vote will determine what is put on display in the Smithsonian.  So go vote already! NOTE: It looks like you can only vote for one on each page of three games, so choose wisely!

Not To Do This Weekend – Twilight Convention:

Yes, the twi-hards will be invading MY county, and will be having a complete Twi-geek fest at the Arlington Sheraton National Hotel.  If you’re a guy hoping to pick up chicks, put on a tight tee shirt, pale your face, and slick back your hair.  Glare at the girls and pretend that you hate them.  It should work.  For those looking for some fun, there will be the obligatory costume contest, dealer’s den, celebrity appearances and a Volturi Ball.  I’m almost intrigued enough to stop by, but it’s doubtful. Tickets start at $20.

April 7-17th

The Washington, DC International Film Festival comes back to town! Watch indie films from all over the world that you’ve probably never heard of.  But it could be fun… think of it like SciFi’s old short-run program, Exposure!

April 16th

Foursquare Day – Ok, some dork decided that 4/16 is four-square(d) day.  What a loser.  But there are two parties that you can rock out to, and check in to.  Jagerfest at Town Tavern, and Montgomery County Foursquare Day.


It’s Hammer Time!

That 80’s Prom Party (Warning: Sound).  Hang out with a ton of drunks in parachute pants or miniskirts with leg warmers.  It’s at Blackfinn DC (Farragut West Metro) from 8pm-close – and from 8-9 there’s FREE Coors Light (if you can stand it).  Plus, I’ll be there!  Tickets have increased in price, and are selling out fast!

April 17th

The Arlington Cinema & Draft House will be having a Lord of the Rings marathon on April 17th.  The site is historically significant to Arlington, and you can drink with a ton of other geeks while you watch all three movies.  Tickets are $10, so get yours now!

April 19th

[via Spreadshirt]

Winning!  Charlie Sheen will be at DAR Constition Hall on April 19.  Allegedly $1 of each ticket will go to Japan Tsunami relief, but I’d rather eat a shit-ton of pork belly for Japan instead.

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