Commodore 64 – Coming to a store near you!

11 Apr

You heard right!  For some strange awesome reason, the re-release of Tron is coinciding with the relaunch of the Commodore 64.  But this one is better, faster, stronger! Capable of running Windows 7 just as well as the classic games, this computer is built with laptop processors so the entire computer is housed within the classic keyboard case.  And don’t worry, the clickey-sounding-keys are promised to still be integrated in!  It will have memory card readers, USB ports, a DVD (or optional blu-ray) player, and 2-4GB RAM.

The Commodore 64. Reboot it, man.

This can be connected to a TV or a monitor (up to 1080p!).  I’m so tempted to hook it up right next to my NES and dork out on Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja.  Plus, according to the re-launch website, “This is the ultimate hackers keyboard on which to wield your key-fu.”  I can’t lose!

Is this a gimmick, or for real?  Will this have computing value, or will it just be another piece of the gamers’ collections?

I personally think this would be great for when I have visitors over, but I doubt I’d use it as a computer. Though I could see it being wicked fun if I brought that as my laptop on business trips! ❤

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