Unreal Engine 3 Highlights

8 Apr

This week, Epic Games released a video showing just how awesome the Unreal Engine 3 can be.  According to its YouTube description, this video highlights “the latest UE3 has to offer, from high-end DirectX 11 features to handy mobile game development tools.”  It begins with showing us a lot of character and background premades, and then goes into some details on worldbuiding using the engine.  I’m into graphic design, but let me tell you, there’s a ton on there that I can’t even imagine being able to make myself.  This thing is getting really good.

I have always been a fan of the fluffy hair, and it looks like their smoke generator is getting to be really realistic.  And the shadows.  Oh, man, the shadows!  In games, I have to admit I normally don’t look at the shadows, as they really just give a bit of depth to the scene and are pretty flat, but these really look good.  For games that want that realism, this is gonna put them over the top.

Now, I have to admit something.  As much as I claim to be a gamer chick, I haven’t played every game out there. And besides my Nintendo and N-64, I haven’t gotten a console since then (does a DS count?).  I’m a console bum.  I only play at friends’ places.  That is pretty lame, and it does limit what I play, but at least I still get some exposure.  So please forgive my ignorance on issues if it shows.  And feel free to correct me or chime in with more information. I’d appreciate it!

That being said, Unreal Tournament was one of the best first person shooters out there when I was in college, until Halo was released.  I totally rocked Unreal, though all we ever seemed to play was capture the flag.  I’m sure the graphics from back then now look like total crap, but, hey.  We’ve seen a ton of evolution in such a short span of time.  It never ceases to amaze me.

What games do you look forward to that are in development with this Engine? Seeing what UE3 can do, what might next gen consoles be like?


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